Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2023 Episode 4226

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The episode begins with Akshu visiting Abhir. He doesn’t pay attention to her. He says if I go to the temple and pray, my wish would come true. She says, “I love you a lot,” and that marriage will happen when it has to, so don’t be too stubborn. They notice a couple walking with their son. Sorry, Abhir, I will love the baby; please marry Abhi. She walks away. He says, “Open the door, this is a lie.” She sobs. Abhi approaches and observes. Rishta kya…..plays.. Abhi shows her his hands and instructs her to select one. She choose one. He displays his sindoor and mangalsutra. What do you think about his suggesting we marry? She claims you have broken her mother’s heart. He claims that we must consider junior and the upcoming baby. Aarohi inquires as to your destination. Manjiri promises to return my son; how can he abandon me and leave? Everyone comes to a halt for her. Akshu claims we discussed it previously. They reflect on the past. She claims we never made that mistake before, so why would we now? Abhi claims that his mother will not agree. She claims we will persuade her. Mahima calls and invites him to come home. Manjiri says, “Come home, I’m here.” Akshu authorizes him to leave. He claims you told Akshu that if she can improve three lives instead of one, you can improve four lives instead of your stubbornness. She expresses her concern for your happiness. He asks her to let go of her intransigence. She sobs.

Suwarna says at home that if you both agree, Manjiri should as well. We can’t take such a significant step, adds Akshu, since Manjiri’s hopes will shatter. Manish claims that both you and Abhi have dreams. Everyone talks about it. Surekha advises thinking about your life rather than your career. Muskaan is asked to say something by Akshu. Muskaan leads her to Abhinav’s photograph. Please marry Abhi, she says. Everyone is taken aback. Dadi inquires.

Muskaan breaks down and apologizes to her. Akshu beams. Muskaan claims that if he gets scolded, he will scold himself. Everyone is happy. Muskaan says, “Abhi has become this baby’s father, fate has cheated you a lot, you show fate that you can choose happiness, you choose Abhi, we’re all with you.” Akshu embraces her. Everyone is happy.

Kairav expresses gratitude to Muskaan and expresses his pride in him. He apologizes for my numerous errors. Akshu claims that if you bring happiness to everyone, everything would be well. Muskaan inquires if you intend to marry Abhi. Akshu falls silent. Abhi visits Manjiri. He displays the fixed frame. He says we’ll start over, and I’m ready. Manjiri inquires whether you intend to return home. He says he’ll arrive, and you’ll determine how we’ll live.

Abhi approaches Abhir. Akshu claims that Abhi and I are getting married. Abhir praises her and gives her a hug. Suwarna and everyone congratulate and hug Akshu. Kairav transports Muskaan to Abhi. Muskaan both congratulates and apologizes to Abhi. She requests that he lavish affection on Akshu, Abhir, and Abhinav’s upcoming kid. She asks if she can call you Bhai ji again. He sobs and declares, “I will always be your Bhai ji.” He embraces her.

Kairav requests that Akshu obtain the wedding dates. Akshu claims that I decided on it and filed an application in court. They are all delighted. Abhir says, “I want my parents to marry.” They both smile. Manjiri has a tight demeanor. Akshu requests that Abhi inform her if he has any reservations. He says, “I’m sure I’m marrying you.” Manjiri sobs. Mahima explains her position. She advises not to become obstinate. Manjiri claims that I became enraged because he knows Abhi will not proceed without his mother’s approval. If Abhi believes I’m making a mistake, she’ll realize she’s mistaken. Come to the party, says Abhir. They are all singing and dancing. Akshu receives a message informing him that his wedding date has arrived. Everyone is happy. Aarohi receives a phone call informing her that Akshu and Abhi are having a court marriage. Manjiri is taken aback. Manish says you’re going to start over. Everyone is ecstatic. Abhir claims that my family will be complete.
Manjiri says, “I want my son back, Akshu.” Please accept to this marriage, urges Akshu. She walks away. Listen to what Manjiri has to say. She is holding Akshu. Akshu collapses and passes out. Everyone is taken aback.