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The Episode starts with Surekha asking Ruhi what’s the matter. Ruhi assures me that I am alright. Suwarna answers the phone and says, “Please check the time and call a new bride.” Surekha apologizes and says she will speak with Ruhi later. She walks away. Suwarna inquires if she can watch Armaan and Abhira together. Ruhi hangs off the phone and sobs. Manish inquires whether Ruhi is content. Suwarna affirms. Abhira converses with Rohit. Armaan visits Ruhi. He claims I slipped and was about to collapse, Abhira…. I know you don’t need to clarify, your marriage is only a contract, but I forget this when I see you two together, and I will assist you in making Abhira independent. He expresses gratitude to her. Everyone leaves. Rohit grabs Ruhi’s hand in his. Manish considers Abhira. He mentions that Armaan and Abhira got married and that we should send them a wedding present. Suwarna believes the family should feel awful, and I think about Ruhi. Abhira is agitated because she believes I’m not sleeping well in my new bed. She notices Armaan fidgeting on the couch. She asks if you kick while sleeping, if you want to sleep on the bed, if this marriage isn’t real, but we’ll get by as roommates. Armaan is sleeping in his bed. Manisha checks Aryan’s fever in the morning. According to Rohit, the infection is spreading. Manisha inquires if you ate anything cold the day before. Aryan becomes tense. He claims we had a secret kulfi party to cheer up Abhira. Dadi claims she contracted this sickness. Vidya adds, “I’ll make Rohit and Ruhi drink the kada; they’ll be fine; they need to go to pagphere.” Manisha inquires about Abhira’s pagphere.

Armaan prepares Abhira’s breakfast. He can’t seem to find her anyplace. He bolts. Dadi tells Rohit not to chase Armaan all the time; instead, spend time with Ruhi, eat, and go to your Sasural. Armaan exclaims, “Abhira!” Abhira is lost as she wanders down the street. Facebook displays… Madhav disagrees with Sanjay. He claims Abhira’s mu dikhai has occurred, and now her pagphere will occur. Dadi claims she has no mother, and Maayka claims she is a dreadful time for us because Armaan has married her and we are forced to assume her responsibilities against our desire. Abhira hears them and walks away. FB comes to an end. She thinks of Akshu. She says, “I knew you wouldn’t abandon me, Mumma.” She sees another person and sobs. She asks, “Mumma, why did you send me here?” Armaan is terrified. He inquires about Abhira with the guard. Yes, the guard confirms, she went that way. Armaan takes off running.

Ruhi, according to Kajal, is heading to her Maayka. Manisha inquires as to how we would obtain Maayka for Abhira. My house, says Kajal. Everyone is happy. Madhav gives Vidya a nod. Everyone requests Vidya’s agreement. Manoj claims you never differentiated between your boys, so don’t do so with your bahus. Kiara, go ahead and call Armaan and Abhira, Vidya suggests. Madhav beams. Kiara leaves. She returns and claims they aren’t at home; the guard claims Abhira and Armaan have fled. Manisha wonders if they eloped. No one will tell Maasa anything, says Vidya, and there will be no more turmoil. She requests that Charu and Krish contact them. Charu claims I don’t have Abhira’s phone number. Krish claims Armaan’s phone line is busy. Manish wonders why there are two shagun plates. Surekha claims I ordered it twice by accident. Manish claims that it will be for someone. Surekha reports that we are prepared to greet Ruhi. Manish believes she is returning home after a long absence. Abhira runs into a man. Everything falls to the ground. When Manish hears the noise, he goes to visit the wedding planner.

Rohit and Ruhi return home. Manish beams. The man chastises Abhira and instructs her to contact her husband. She claims I’m missing my phone. Then take us to your house, he says. She claims that I don’t recall the address. They force her to hand over the money. She shoves them aside and dashes to Goenka’s residence. They are following her. We will include the loss amount in their expenditures because the father claims she is their daughter. Manish embraces Ruhi. Armaan searches for Abhira. Abhira enters after seeing the Goenka mansion board.

Manish and Suwarna greet Abhira’s return. Armaan approaches and asks, “Are you okay? If anything happened to you, what would I tell Aksh?”