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The episode begins with Akshu recalling everyone’s statements. The nurse inquires if you completed the form. Akshu tosses the pen. Abhi considers speaking with Akshu once. He dials her number. Doctor says we’ll make the form, you arrive, your partner didn’t come, you’re taking a major step, you need someone to take you back, do you want to call someone? Abhi begs Abhir to get well fast, as Akshu is in a lot of pain. He is concerned. He says a prayer for Akshu. Doctor asks Akshu if he is sure; many females change their minds after coming here; it is not simple; you sign the paperwork. She walks away. Sorry, darling, I have to do this to protect Abhir, says Akshu. Abhi’s Doctor inquires, “What, Akshu came here for abortion?” I can’t stop it, says Akshu’s doctor; your name was written in the form, so I called you. Abhi’s doctor phones and says, “Ashu is having an abortion, can you hear me?” Hold, Abhi says I’ll go out. She switches off. Akshu considers Abhinav. When the doctor sees Abhi, he exclaims, “I’m glad I got you here, Akshara…” He inquires as to what. Akshu apologizes and asks for forgiveness. She checks the box and signs the form. Abhi is taken aback. He notices Abhir. Aarohi arrives. Abhi says, “Take care of junior, I’ll come,” because Akshu has gone for an abortion. Aarohi is concerned.

Akshu sobs. The doctor has determined that it is time for your surgery. A man approaches Abhi and begins a conversation with him. Abhi says I need to go, attempt to understand, and let go of my hand. The man scolds him by grabbing his collar. Doctor says we’re ready; follow me. Abhi apologizes and requests permission to leave. I’ll see how you go, says the man. Abhi dashes away in his car. Akshu remembers Abhi’s comments.

Manish worries and prays at the Birla hospital. Muskaan claims Akshu is invincible and that nothing will happen to him. Abhi transports Akshu there. Manish inquires if you had the abortion. No, says Akshu. They both smile. Abhi is seen arriving at the clinic on Facebook. He scolds Akshu and asks whether he is okay. She tears as she hugs him. She says, “I can’t do this, I can’t kill my baby, it’s Abhinav and my baby, I can’t do this with Abhinav, I would have collapsed without your support, I thought of Abhir’s happiness and health, he’s in the hospital, thank you for being with me.” He says, “I’m with you, and thank you for listening to me.” Manish and Muskaan embrace Akshu. Muskaan expresses gratitude. According to Aarohi, you may have shared this with me. Manish claims that this has never happened in our family. He says a prayer. How will I get Akshu to pray for Abhir?

They’ve all noticed Abhir in the ward. Aarohi embraces Akshu. The photograph of Manjiri and Abhi is lost. She selects it and remarks that it has a crack. Abhi enters and says, “Relationships crack, it happens, remember how I felt when I found out what you did?” She inquires as to what. He claims you pressured Akshu to get an abortion, and if she did… She claims to have done it. Come to your wits, he urges, and don’t do this. She protests.

He adds, “Trust me, I’ll handle this.” He points out that if Akshu had the abortion, she would never be happy, and Abhir and I would never be happy. She claims that by forgetting everything, she will learn to live in the present. He says, you know, a person who lives in guilt only lives in guilt; I won’t let Akshu be in such a scenario; you’re worried about our future; please don’t do this; we have a chance to correct our error; please don’t waste it. Manjiri tries to mend the frame in the morning. Mahima requests that she go. Manjiri says I’ll take care of it. Abhi goes to collect his suitcase. Abhi replies that we understand it after things break, that it is easy to break and difficult to join, that I am leaving this house to fulfill your dream, and that we will all be happy. Don’t be dumb, Shefali replies; we can sit and discuss. Anand says we’re all worried, so don’t go. According to Abhi, it is now too late. Manjiri sobs. Abhi says my son is stressed, Akshu is pregnant, and I don’t want to add to their tension. I know Manjiri doesn’t believe me right now, but I hope she will someday. He accepts her blessings and departs.

Precap: Abhi shows us sindoor and mangalsutra and suggests we marry. Abhir claims that my family will be complete. Aarohi believes Akshu and Abhi will marry in court. Manjiri is taken aback.