Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th december 2023 Episode 4286

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The episode begins with Abhira apologizing for her saree getting opened, but she asks not to say anything about her mom because she taught her everything before leaving. Dadi comments on Ruhi not having her mom, but she knows everything, including how to wear a saree. Kiara remembers Abhira pinning her dress. A man asks Manoj to call a mechanic for his car, and Abhira offers to fix it. Dadi expresses concern about Abhira leaving the house, and Armaan stops her. Abhira successfully fixes the car, and everyone is happy. She explains that her mom taught her practical life skills, not just household politics.

Later, Abhira talks about her mom teaching her to live independently and not become helpless. Vidya tells her to be quiet, and Armaan asks her to go inside. Meanwhile, Manish and Surekha discuss Armaan’s marriage to Abhira. They argue about whether it was a love marriage or not. Aryan and others praise Abhira’s talents, and Kiara plans to tell Dadi about Abhira’s sacrifice. In another scene, Abhira messes things up, feeling overwhelmed. Armaan advises her to handle things calmly and not respond to everything.

The episode continues with Abhira realizing Armaan got hurt because of her, and he advises her to remain patient. Meanwhile, Ruhi is upset, and Armaan tries to cheer her up with a funny song. The precap shows Dadi being hesitant about Abhira’s pagphere, but Abhira arrives at the Goenka house, and Manish welcomes her. Armaan expresses concern about her well-being.