Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2023 Episode 4195

Episode 4195

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The episode begins with Abhi expressing his surprise at the family’s thoughts. Aarohi suggests that he should marry Akshu, but he is hesitant, fearing that he may hurt her too. Muskaan argues with Manish, and Kairav advises her to be polite. Muskaan accuses Abhi of trying to replace Abhinav with himself and expresses her disapproval. Aarohi and Manjiri discuss the situation, with Aarohi acknowledging that her relationship with Abhi began and ended and that they cannot make Ruhi happy by forcing the relationship. Abhi is concerned about Ruhi’s feelings and doesn’t want to break her heart. Aarohi assures him that Ruhi will understand if Akshu and Abhir are involved. She agrees to the idea of them being together, stating that she cannot love anyone after Neil, and she and Ruhi have accepted this sorrow. Manjiri overhears their conversation and offers her forgiveness to Aarohi for pressuring her into the engagement.

Muskaan continues to voice her objections, stating that she will never accept this relationship. Surekha, on the other hand, seems pleased. Akshu recalls everything and Abhi comes to apologize. They discuss their worries and sadness over their situation. Abhi jokes about their recent rejections and lightens the mood. Abhir discovers a photo of Akshu and Abhi and inquires about their story. Meanwhile, the family discusses the possibility of Akshu and Abhi rekindling their relationship for Abhir’s sake. Abhir becomes curious about their past and asks the family to share the details. Suwarna and Dadi recount how Akshu and Abhi met at the lakeside, how he saved her bracelet, and how they became friends. Abhir is intrigued and wants to know more about their relationship. Manish mentions that they had some problems, leading to their separation. Abhir asks why they can’t love each other again, but the family doesn’t reveal the full truth about Neil’s death and Akshu’s reasons. Akshu returns home, and Abhir is sent away to spend the night at his grandmother’s house. The family decides to tell Akshu about Abhir’s questions.

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