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The episode begins with Manjiri interrupting Abhi and questioning his right to be there. He responds, “You know what, I have a right to be a part of your happiness.” Manjiri disagrees. When Abhi states that conditions aren’t kept in relationships, I’ll go and keep the relationship. He walks away. Akshu and his family are performing puja. She believes I don’t require a mate. Abhi arrives. Why did you come, she says, because Manjiri would be upset. He claims I told her not to worry and to concentrate on the puja. She expresses gratitude for his presence. He gives a nod. Dadi instructs him to keep the shagun close to the havan kund. Pandit claims that the baby’s father must burn a coconut. Abhi tosses a coconut into the havan kund. Pandit reports that the puja is now complete. Dadi beams. Abhi is in class. Everyone applauds his project. He sits and waits for Akshu and Abhi. We can’t be late for Abhir’s exhibition, according to Akshu. She becomes dizzy. Abhi is holding her. She claims I promised Abhir anything. He claims his blood pressure is dropping and that we should go to the hospital. He drives her in his automobile. The teacher declares that the time has come for everyone to leave. She invites Abhir to join her. Abhir becomes enraged and destroys the project. The doctor examines Akshu.

He inquires as to what transpired; she is well, correct? Her stress level is high, according to the doctor, so take care of her. Abhi apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, this stress is my fault.” She declines. She considers it and decides that we must go to Abhir’s school. They arrive at the school. She inquires as to where Abhir has gone. She notices that the endeavor has failed. She is concerned. Abhir inquires of Manjiri as to why his mother did not appear. Manjiri claims she’ll be busy with puja and won’t be able to see everyone. She thinks to herself, “Sorry, Akshu, you left no other option for me.” He inquires whether she will attend any of my school festivities. She says yes, she can come whenever she has time, small baby is important, don’t worry, I will look after you. Akshu and Abhi return home to visit Abhir. Akshu apologizes, “It was my mistake, why did you tear the project?” Abhir covers his ears. He says you’re terrible, so I’m not going to hug you.

Please don’t be furious, says Akshu. Abhir claims that you only love this baby, that you do not love me, that this baby is the problem, that I am not important to you, but that this new baby is. No, she adds, you’re also my baby. He says, “I don’t want a new baby; I’ll ask Shiv ji why he brought a new baby into our lives.” Akshu extends his hand. Manjiri interrupts Akshu and inquires as to what he is doing. Akshu apologizes and promises not to do it again. Abhir thinks you’re terrible. He leaves. Abhi advises her not to be stressed. She claims I’m a terrible mommy.

He says, “I’ll get Junior home,” and “you go home.” Abhi, according to Aarohi, will handle everything. Manjiri tells Akshu, “I know you would never hurt Abhir, he is a child, he doesn’t want to share his mother with anyone, this can happen after 8 months and always, he can curse this baby, you have time, if you want…. Aarohi requests that she cease. Shefali says I’ll drop Akshu off at home. Anand has confirmed that I would also attend. They depart. Aarohi wonders where you’re heading now that you’ve completed this major drama. According to Manjiri, this drama occurred because Akshu raised his hand on Abhir. Aarohi claims Abhir misbehaved; a child can say anything when agitated; you are driving Akshu away from Abhir. Manjiri questions why I would do this. Aarohi claims she heard everything and that you turned Abhir against the baby.

She questions why you told Abhir that Akshu fainted and blamed it on the baby and puja. Manjiri claims it was due to puja. Aarohi claims you don’t care about anyone, but your son is suffering as a result of your actions. Manjiri inquires as to what you did not do on Gangaur when you discovered Abhir’s truth, and why you desired Ruhi’s pleasure. Aarohi says, “I made a mistake, and I regret it; please don’t make the same mistake again.” No, says Manjiri, Abhi will not raise Abhinav’s child, and why should he? Aarohi claims that just like Abhinav reared Abhir and became the world’s best father for him, Abhi would do the same for this baby. Manjiri says, “I’m scared; Abhinav married Akshu after 6 years; Abhi should have happiness and a family.”

Abhir is explained by Abhi. He explains, “Mumma loves you a lot, but she’s weak; we need to strengthen her and take care of her.” Abhir claims she prefers the baby to me. Abhi replies no, she’s been sick, and she loves you equally. Abhir claims that she was going to smack me and that she will slap me again because of that baby, Papa, and that she has never hit me. Abhi says she adores you. He embraces him. Akshu sobs and adds, “I raised my hand on Abhir, and I should be punished.” Manish tells you not to blame yourself because you did not slap him. Suwarna advises her to stop crying right now. Abhi transports Abhir home. Abhir dashes into the room and shuts the door. I’m sorry, Akshu says as he opens the door. Manish and Suwarna invite her to join them. Akshu promises to open the door. She becomes dizzy. Muskaan says we’ll catch up later. Abhi lifts Akshu and watches over him. They leave. Abhir becomes depressed and sobs.

Abhir emerges and searches for Akshu. Everyone looks after Akshu. Dadi offers her the juice. Manish says I’ll go persuade Abhir. Abhir says his mother didn’t come to school and was about to slap him; I just want her to marry Abhi and give me a regular family. Manish suggests that if you want them to marry, you should not think negatively about the baby and instead pray to Shiv ji. He soothes Abhir. Abhi adds, “I don’t want Abhir to inherit my flaws, but rather your good qualities.” He is intelligent, physically powerful, and plays football, according to her. He says, “I’m sure he’ll love this baby more than we do,” adding, “He loves you a lot, he’ll come to you, don’t worry.” Abhir dials Manjiri’s number. She invites him to come home. He requests her assistance.

It’s dawn, and Akshu declares that he would devote the entire day to Abhir. She doesn’t notice him. Aarohi arrives and informs them that Abhir is not in the house. Akshu inquires as to what you mean and where he is. Come with me, says Aarohi. She accompany Akshu to the temple. Akshu inquires, “Where is Abhir?” They notice Abhir and Manjiri preparing the dinner. Abhir claims that if I please Shiv ji, my parents would marry. He is injured. Akshu yells. She applies the bandage and apologizes profusely. Abhi appears and observes. She promises that this will not happen again, and she apologizes for the inconvenience. Abhir claims that I would not return home unless you and Dadda agree to marry. He leaves. Abhi requests that he pay attention. Akshu assists a lady. He is blessed by the lady. I want my parents to marry, and I want a normal family, says Akshu. He chooses a man’s wallet and hands it to him. He is thanked by the man. Abhir wishes me luck in getting my parents married and having a regular family. He is blessed by the man. Akshu sobs and begs Aarohi to intervene. Manish and Muskaan show up. Akshu requests that he explain Abhir. Manish adds, “I’ll get him for you.” Akshu fantasizes about Abhir at home. Manish and Muskaan show up. He claims that Abhir is with Ruhi and Shivu. She assures him that if he stays with Abhi, he would be OK. Akshu suggests that I go to Abhi’s house. Shefali orders Manjiri and Mahima to hurry. Suwarna’s message reaches her. She says Akshu is on his way. She calls Abhi and reports that he is not answering. Mahima believes it is critical to contact him. Manjiri calls Aarohi and tells her that Akshu is on his way and that she should send Abhi home. Akshu enters and requests Abhir. Manjiri claims to be sleeping. I’ll just see him, says Akshu. She searches for Abhir. Manjiri attempts to contact Abhi. Akshu inquires, “Where is Abhir?” and “Why are you lying?” Abhi arrives. Akshu inquires, “Where is Abhir?”

Abhi indicates a hospital. She inquires as to why. He claims that exertion triggered his heart condition, but he is fine. She is taken aback. She says I’ll go to the temple. Muskaan says I’ll be there. Abhi says I’m going to drop you. No, she says, go to the temple with Abhir. She recalls Abhir. Abhi looks after Abhir. He sits and converses with Abhir. He claims Akshu adores you. She visits the doctor. She fills out some paperwork.

Precap: The nurse inquires if you completed the abortion form. Akshu initials the form. Abhi rushes over to scold Akshu. She sobs and embraces him.