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The episode begins with Armaan asking Krish to double-check the timer. Krish confirms that Abhira has surpassed Dadi’s record. The lady congratulates Kaveri, acknowledging tough competition. Vidya tries to manage the situation. Armaan insists on rechecking the timer. Rohit reassures everyone and expresses excitement for his favorite ritual. They all gather for the ceremony, where Armaan and Rohit are supposed to eat ghewar first, followed by their wives sharing from the same plate. Rohit eats the ghewar and feeds Ruhi, receiving applause. Kajal encourages Armaan to eat, and when he does, he asks Abhira to join. However, Abhira declines, stating she can’t share food with anyone except her mother.

Manisha argues that Armaan is her husband, but Abhira remains firm, saying she’s not used to sharing food with anyone else. Dadi scolds Abhira, who stands her ground and explains her perspective. Abhira refuses to participate in the ritual, asserting that it’s time to reconsider such traditions. Armaan supports her decision, prompting Dadi to scold Abhira, who stands her ground. Abhira later explains her reasoning to Armaan, stating her preference not to eat anyone’s leftover food.

Dadi notices Madhav, and Manisha accuses Armaan of going against Dadi for his wife’s sake. The ladies gossip, and Abhira walks away, eventually deciding to eat the food. Ruhi thanks Armaan for bringing Abhira downstairs, but he suggests it might be better if she stayed in the room. Ruhi advises giving Abhira time to bond with the family, emphasizing that she has to leave in a year. The ladies gossip about Abhira, who overhears them.

Later, Abhira is fixing Kiara’s torn dress when Kiara apologizes for misjudging her. Charu appreciates Abhira’s words, and they invite her to the last ritual. Abhira fixes Kiara’s dress with a saree pin.

The episode continues with Abhira adjusting to the family. Armaan asks Ruhi if she’s happy, and Rohit reminds Armaan of the promise to keep Ruhi happy. Armaan emphasizes the importance of keeping Abhira happy, and Rohit suggests taking her on a honeymoon. Abhira and Ruhi dance on a song, but Abhira’s saree gets loose and opens up, causing embarrassment. Dadi scolds Abhira, and the guests leave. Dadi expresses her displeasure, and Abhira tries to calm the situation. The precap shows Abhira getting scolded by Dadi, but she later showcases her skills and upbringing when she helps Armaan.