Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2023 Episode 4194

Episode 4194

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The episode begins with Abhi receiving a call from Akshu. She mentions that Abhir wants to speak with him. When Abhi answers, Abhir asks why he didn’t answer before. Abhi apologizes for what happened earlier. Akshu says that Abhir wishes to talk as well. Abhir inquires about what happened, whether they had a fight. Abhi clarifies that they didn’t. Abhir then informs them about a school class party where parents need to bring dishes. Akshu suggests that Docman (Abhi) should decide, but Abhi insists that she should make the decision. Abhir scolds them for not taking the class party seriously and advises them to resolve their issues. He suggests that Akshu prepare pasta, and Docman (Abhi) prepare noodles. After their conversation, Abhi ends the call.

Muskaan overhears Suwarna talking about Abhi and Akshu’s relationship and questions her. Suwarna explains that they should respect Abhi and Akshu’s decision, even if it means they don’t end up together. Muskaan seems intrigued.

Abhi drops Ruhi off at school and asks her to deliver the lunch to Abhir. Ruhi wonders why he’s leaving so soon since he’s supposed to meet Abhir. Abhi claims he has work to attend to and leaves. Ruhi calls out to Maasi, and Abhi turns around to find Akshu and Abhir approaching. Abhir hugs Ruhi and gives her a “best of luck” hug, leaving her confused about the reason for the hug. Abhir explains that it’s a hug for good luck, and Ruhi questions why they’re hugging for no apparent reason. Abhir responds that brothers and sisters hug, as well as heroes and heroines. Akshu tells him to go, and the kids leave. Abhi and Akshu have a brief argument before parting ways.

Later, Abhi and Akshu meet again, and they share a chocolate bar while reminiscing about their past fights. Abhi reflects on how they used to argue but are now calmer. They laugh and enjoy their time together. As they head to their respective cars, Abhi’s car doesn’t start. Akshu asks if he wants to go to the hospital or home, and Abhi starts contemplating. He eventually tries to start the car but fails, leaving Akshu concerned.

Meanwhile, Manish and the rest of the family visit Manjiri and her family to discuss Abhi and Akshu’s relationship. They suggest the idea of Abhi and Akshu reuniting, which shocks Abhi and Akshu when they unexpectedly arrive at the meeting.

Manish tries to explain that they are only discussing the matter and haven’t reached any decisions. However, Akshu firmly rejects the idea, stating that she was Abhinav’s wife a few months ago and can never replace him. She emphasizes that her loyalty and love for Abhinav will never waver.

Abhi also refuses to consider it, and both of them leave the meeting, making their stance clear. Suwarna is adamant about ending the discussion, but Manish insists on considering the possibility of Abhi and Akshu being together. Suwarna raises concerns about Aarohi and Ruhi’s feelings in this matter.

As the family debates the issue, they try to convince Akshu and Abhi that their relationship could be a new beginning. However, Akshu argues that she was recently married to Abhinav and can’t forget him. Suwarna raises the concern of hurting someone’s heart in the process. Akshu firmly declines the proposal, leaving the family in turmoil.

Later, Abhi and Akshu share a moment where they reminisce about the past and reflect on their current state. Akshu is determined to preserve her memories of Abhinav and refuses to consider being with someone else. Suwarna overhears the conversation and tells the family to respect their decision, but Muskaan is curious about the situation.

In the precap, Abhi is reminded of Manjiri, and Akshu comforts him, leading to an emotional moment between them.

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