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The episode begins with Abhi arriving and caring for Akshu. He believes Maa is mistaken this time, I won’t allow you make a poor choice, and our friendship will last. Yeh Rishta kya performs… He leaves. When Akshu awakens, she notices the drapes shifting. She assumes Abhi… Suwarna is instructed by Dadi to call Manjiri and inquire whether they ought to send the items back. The same is said by Manish. Manjiri rushes through her culinary job while asking how the dish’s salt content increased. Suwarna calls, and she answers. Suwarna inquires about the items that will be returned. Explain to Akshu that her future and happiness are with Abhi and Abhir, not with Abhinav’s child, when Manjiri asks what she should do with the bridal gowns and other items. She hangs up the phone. Whoever was saying venomously, Surekha asks, “Tell me, I told you not to get into formalities.” Manjiri shakes her head and apologizes for how she spoke to them. Manjiri returns the call. Surekha claims she wishes to berate us even more. Manish responds. Manjiri apologizes and explains, “I don’t know what happened; my mind just stopped.” He asserts that we are equally clueless and that we are powerless to make Akshu unhappy if the kids are pleased. She asks that you explain to her that her happiness is with Abhi and Abhir and that she cannot live alone with Abhinav’s child. If necessary, she requests that you force her to accept. She hangs up. Dadi is anxious.

She asks how Akshu will decide between Abhinav’s child and Abhi-Abhir. Playing partner is Abhir. She enquires of Abhir why he lacks any kick force. According to Abhi, my mother wants me to wait until the wedding date. She asserts that she will marry if she says she will, that nothing will change whether Abhi and Akshu wed or not, and that you shouldn’t give it any thought. Instead, just drink the chocolate milk, and I’ll get ready for school and come. She leaves. Abhir obtains the photo of Akshu and Abhi. Manjiri shows up. She says I was going to edit this picture in your room, but since you won’t be staying here, I shouldn’t do it right now. Instead, give it to me. She feels guilty, saying, “I didn’t mean to break your heart, but Akshu should know that staying with you and your dad is better for her.” Akshu is invited to eat by Kairav. Akshu is also looked after by Muskaan. Everybody beams. Did you speak with Abhi, Manish inquires. Abhi arrives. Manish claims that we were discussing you. I must speak to Akshu, according to Abhi. Please talk to me, he says, I’m sorry. She queries what there is to say now that your mother has clarified everything. He claims that she is emotional, went completely blind from her son’s love, and is acting like a mother. She apologizes, but she doesn’t feel any pity for me since she sees me as your mother. He rejects. She claims she has flawed thinking. Don’t argue, advises Manish; it is useless. She claims that I’m not arguing and questions why she holds Abhi and Neil to different standards when she and I are unable to accept Abhinav’s child. I’m sorry, Maa is incorrect, I accept your child, and she’s not being understanding, says Abhi.

Dadi advises Manjiri to finish everything on time, that it is not her fault because she has experienced many nightmares come true and is unable to overcome her fear, and that you both should not be alarmed because one day she will accept your family. Aarohi travels home with Abhir. Everyone can see the marker ink stain on his shirt. Who did this to Abhir, wonders Akshu. Aarohi replies, “I’m not sure.” Akshu says I’ll get in touch with the principal to have that kid suspended. Wait, I understand what happened, says Ruhi. Facebook shows the children berating Abhir and accusing him of lying. My mom and dad will wed, according to Abhir. Their actions ruin Abhir’s blouse. End of FB. According to Akshu, I will purchase you a new uniform and new glasses, and I will have the principal reprimand those students because it was not their fault. I know, you’re to blame; this baby is the cause of the issue, says Abhir. I really do adore you, Akshu responds. Angered, Abhir leaves. Says Abhi, “Listen to me.” I’ll visit him, says Ruhi. Manish advises Akshu to release Abhir because he needs Ruhi and because we parents can never be close friends.

Ruhi requests once Abhir hears her out. She describes him. Akshu is told by Aarohi not to worry; insecurity in the first child is common. Yes, according to Suwarna, Abhir is afraid of losing people. She calms Akshu down. According to Abhi, Abhir won’t be aware of the puja because he will be attending school tomorrow and won’t be angry.

Shivu and you are enough, says Abhir; he adds, “I don’t want the new baby.” Abhi is invited to the puja by Manish. Apparently, Akshu won’t be able to attend. According to Abhir, when a new baby screams, mumma will go to the infant rather than me. Akshu observes. She gives Abhir a hug and tells him she adores him. He demands that you appear at the science display tomorrow at 11 a.m. She asks if it’s okay if I arrive an hour late because the baby is having a puja at home. She embraces him. Muskaan sets plans in the morning. Without my assistance, Abhir, you created an incredible project, according to Akshu. I’m really proud of you, says Manish. Do you still recall the pledge, asks Abhir. With a smile, Akshu affirms. Get ready, Akshu, urges Suwarna. Right, Abhir said you will arrive. Suwarna invites Akshu to visit. Akshu claims I’ll attend. I’ll take Kairav’s offer to drop you off to school; wow, that’s fantastic. I’ll take it, replies Abhir. He runs into Muskaan. She requests that him look around and consider how the puja would proceed if the prasad had dropped. Abhir apologizes. Everyone is working on preparations, he observes.

Akshu apologizes, saying that although I intended to attend, I arrived late for the puja. Abhir declares that he will ask Shiv ji to remove the baby from our lives since he hates them. Akshu extends a hand and halts. Abhir leaves the house.