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The episode begins with Grandma saying she won’t accept bad behavior. Ruhi remembers Armaan’s words and goes to see what’s happening. Armaan and Abhira argue, and Ruhi tells them everyone is waiting. Armaan suggests Ruhi go, as Rohit must be waiting for her. Ruhi, feeling hurt, points out that only his family seems important to him. Abhira shouts at Armaan, and Ruhi asks her to go complete the ritual.

Armaan eventually comes downstairs, and Vidya asks about Abhira. Grandma glares angrily, and people gossip. Manisha compliments Abhira and laughs. Rohit asks Manisha to add some excitement, and she dances with Kajal and Vidya. Abhira admits being rude to Armaan, and Ruhi offers to help her with her saree. Abhira declines, claiming expertise, but then she gets an idea. She wears jeans under the saree. Ruhi and Abhira come downstairs, and Rohit suggests they’ll become sisters. Abhira falls, and Armaan catches her. Dadi praises Ruhi, and the ritual begins.

Abhira faces some awkward moments, and Armaan apologizes for his behavior. The ring-finding ceremony starts, and Ruhi, lost in thought about Armaan, finds the ring. Everyone claps, and Dadi advises Ruhi to keep the marriage and Rohit in control. Abhira also finds the ring but gives it to Armaan, saying she doesn’t want to win. The family teases them as they hold the ring together.

Dadi announces a special ritual where wives make their husbands wear traditional dress. Ruhi competes against Armaan and Abhira. Abhira shares a moment with Armaan while getting ready, and she wins the competition, breaking a record.

In the precap, Abhira and Ruhi dance, and Abhira’s saree falls off. Armaan rushes to fix it, and Dadi scolds Abhira.