Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2023 Episode 4193

Episode 4193

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The episode begins with Akshu stating that everything happens for a reason, it’s a sign from Bappa. Abhi inquires about the sign, and she responds by mentioning that there’s someone in the house who is skilled at making laddoos. Abhi guesses it’s his mother, and Akshu nods. She suggests that this is the perfect opportunity to help her overcome her fear of fire, and they’ll assist her in the process. Manish agrees that it’s a fantastic idea, and they all head to the kitchen. They enjoy the laddoos and provide Akshu with a list of ingredients. Meanwhile, Muskaan approaches Kairav, but he moves away. Mahima offers the kids some fruit, but they decline. Abhi informs them that there are cashews in the laddoos, which piques their interest. Akshu expresses her concern about preparing the prasad without knowing the ingredients. Manjiri, who is listening, becomes worried. Anand inquires whether they should make it or if he should make alternate arrangements. Mahima doubts they can do it themselves. Anand asks who can assist them, and Manjiri is feeling anxious.

Everyone is struggling in the kitchen. Manjiri is concerned. Dadi suggests checking to see if there was any jaggery available. Aarohi suggests that Kairav ate the last laddoo. The family is irritated with him and asks him to leave. Akshu asks how she should explain it to Aunt Ji now, as they don’t know what to put in it. Abhir and Ruhi ask Manjiri for assistance.

Manjiri enters the kitchen. Akshu requests her to take charge. Manjiri responds that she will make it. Everyone smiles and exits. Akshu asks if she should light the stove. Manjiri is anxious. Abhi holds her hand and assures her that he will be there for her. Akshu lights the stove. Abhi informs her that they have water and encourages her not to worry. Akshu tells him that he has to do everything now. Manjiri offers guidance to Akshu. Akshu doesn’t do it well, so Manjiri steps in to cook. Akshu and Abhi share a smile.

Mahima inquires whether Manjiri has prepared the laddoos. She nods. Mahima praises her courageous sister. Manish praises Manjiri for being fearless. Manjiri acknowledges Abhi for assisting her in overcoming her fear. She informs Mahima that she has a brave son, and Mahima saved many lives as well. They share an emotional moment. Ruhi points out that adults cry over everything and urges them to begin the puja. They all participate in the aarti and dance to the tune of “Morya.” Kairav plays the dhol, and everyone dances. Abhi and Akshu notice Manjiri’s happiness and express their joy. Dadi catches Manish’s attention, and they observe Akshu and Abhi. Akshu and Abhi step away from each other and dance with the children. Dadi informs Manish that she believes they…

Akshu is engaged in a work call. She thinks about Abhi. Abhi is speaking with a doctor on the phone. He apologizes and promises to call back. Akshu suggests that she will call him back because she can’t handle this right now. Abhi contemplates how he can cross his limits and decides to send a message instead. They both ponder what to say to each other. Abhi suggests making a promise not to hug each other anymore. Akshu agrees but says that sometimes it just happens. Abhir approaches and asks who she is speaking with. Akshu claims that she was talking to herself in the mirror while preparing for a case. Abhir inquires what he wants. He responds, “Docman, I need to talk to him; the children have to prepare two dishes, and Mom and Dad have to make them.” She suggests that he speak with him instead. Abhir responds by saying that the same dishes will be prepared, so what’s the harm in speaking with him once.

In the preview, Abhi recalls Manjiri, and Akshu assures him that it’s not his fault. He expresses gratitude for her understanding his pain and embraces her.

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