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The episode begins with Manish calling Abhi and informing her that a bhoj has been held in honor of Akshu’s pregnancy, and that all preparations have been made. We’re coming, says Abhi, but Maa has to speak urgently with Akshu. What, Manish queries. When they meet, Abhi says she will speak; please message me the time. Manjiri turns to face him. Akshu claims that I would like to speak with both families. Dadi hands the pandit the chadava at the temple. Abhi and Akshu pray. Manjiri is seen by Akshu. She declares, “I want to tell you all something, I’m ready to marry Abhi.” Everybody beams.

If Abhi is alright, Akshu says, then I would like to become his life partner and have the two kids with him. Manish says, “You brought me a lot of happiness. I hope you two stay together forever.” But I don’t accept Akshu’s condition, Manjiri explains, so the unborn child won’t be accepted. Akshu queries why we are prepared to parent. Manjiri claims that if you are a good parent, you will either be Abhi’s wife or a mother. She debates.

Akshu claims, “I promised you, I will give all of my attention to my relationship,” and “Abhi promised me that he would make every effort to paternize the child.” You know what happened when you all tried, Manjiri says, you fell in love in two days, Abhi and Aarohi were getting engaged, Akshu agreed for that as well, everyone was opposed to your marriage, you both got married, we thought it was okay, we would be happy, but your relationship was fragile, you two had love and also misunderstandings, Akshu went to Mauritius for Abhi’s sake, without telling him, you came back, we were happy, but your relation Manjiri claims that I can comprehend the upcoming issues.

They are invited to attend rituals by Pandit. Manjiri dissuades Abhi. Maa, let go of my hand; I need to perform the pooja, says Abhi. She claims that if you support Akshu today, you will regret it for the rest of your life and that there should be no suffering in your life. Leave my hand; my joy is with Akshu, he adds. Akshu claims that I am the child’s parent. She performs the rites. She believes that I can handle it on my own as before. She cries while she performs the aarti. By giving the baby’s name to the pandit, she requests that he keep the bhog. Manjiri adjourns. Shefali invites Abhi. I’ll talk to Akshu and come, he promises. The Birlas go. Let it be, says Manish. Akshu, I need to talk to you, says Abhi. He is asked to visit Manjiri by Akshu. I want to discuss right now, he claims. She says to go to your mother because she needs you. He departs.

How did your obstinacy surpass my enjoyment, Maa? he yells. Everyone but Manjiri stops. She says, “I’m doing this for the happiness of the three of you. Your happiness matters a lot to me.” Let’s decide, he says. She asserts, “I can’t let you make a bad choice.” Accept Akshu’s child, he says. She claims that having a baby will make you sad, Akshu can never be your wife, Neil wasn’t at fault, but the atmosphere of the house altered, and you will start to feel strange. You’re asking me to abdicate my responsibility, says Abhi. She claims that nothing is visible to Akshu in front of Abhinav’s child. Abhir hears them and becomes concerned. Akshu is questioned by Manish about her thoughts. Abhir is standing next to the automobile when Ruhi arrives and reports on him. Acshu leaves. Abhir requests a ride home from the driver. Akshu halts him. He challenges her and then flees. She halts and embraces him. She jokes around. He beams as he embraces her. Mahima and Manjiri are watching. He is urged to exercise patience by Akshu. For the sake of Abhir, at the very least, Manjiri advises her not to be obstinate.

Akshu apologizes, saying that although I intended to attend, I arrived late for the puja. Abhir declares that he will ask Shiv ji to remove the baby from our lives since he hates them. Akshu extends a hand and halts. Abhir leaves the house.