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The episode begins with Armaan begging Dadi to give Abhira a chance. He claims that Abhira is not my fault, but rather my obligation. Sanjay says you’re only a way for her to get rich quickly; you’re not getting it; cancel this marriage or your life and our family’s reputation will suffer. Armaan says, “I never asked Dadi for anything, I didn’t need to ask,” but tonight he asks, “Please let Abhira stay in this house.” Madhav hears them and thinks, “I couldn’t show courage before, but my son is standing up for his wife, Armaan, bravo.” Everyone, including Sanjay, receives texts on their phones. Sanjay shows Dadi the video. Dadi learns of Armaan’s marriage.

Manisha congratulates you on receiving media attention. Dadi becomes quiet. Please respond yes to Abhira’s Mu dikhai, since Vidya claims the guests are aware. Dadi becomes enraged. She mocks Armaan. She says, “Do that girl’s Mu dikhai,” and walks away. Abhira is sitting and studying. Armaan goes out and brings her some noodles. She is starving. He claims I made these. She flatly refuses. He requests it from her.

She sobs and says, “I miss Mussoorie, my house, and my mother.” He claims that I remembered how it tasted because I ate it at your resort. She expresses gratitude to him. He requests it from her. She inquires if there are any more noodles. Yes, he says. She requests that he go fetch it. He goes to grab her another dish. She says it’s for you because you haven’t eaten in a long time, so sit. She claims I don’t share my food with anyone. But I do, he replies, because I was raised in a joint family. She claims I grew up without a family. He claims we are opposed. He notices Ruhi sobbing. He approaches her and says, “I know you’re upset with me.” She chastises him.

He claims that Abhira and my marriage is only for a year. She inquires as to what. He responds sure, we both don’t want to stay in this relationship, therefore we agreed to split when she becomes independent. She says your family is upset; can you stand it? He responds, “I have a family to upset, she had only her mother, and she lost her mother because of me, I can tolerate this for her, she is also my guilt and responsibility, I promised Akshu, that I will make Abhira a lawyer, I will keep my promise, it’s a responsibility, not love.” Tell Dadi everything, she says. He says no, Abhira’s life is in danger, she will not be safe anyplace, and please don’t tell anyone.

Ruhi inquires as to what you intend to tell everyone after a year. He claims I’m already a nasty person in their eyes. She asks, “Why did you tell me this, you have stolen my hatred, what shall I do?” He requests that you assist him and Abhira by becoming her buddy. Why me, she wonders. He claims that no one knows the reality about your marriage since you are the best. She promises to assist you.

Abhira notices Manisha and Manoj approaching the door. They vanish. Abhira is a student. She notices Aryan and everyone else at the door. She thinks they’re unusual and wonders why they’ve come to see me. Manoj claims you were all keeping an eye on Abhira. Manisha claims that we are elders. Krish describes Abhira as harsh. Charu says it’s fine. Manoj cracks a joke. Abhira walks in and observes them arguing.

Krish notices Abhira and informs them. They all excuse themselves and depart. Vidya hands Armaan clothes and tells him, “It’s for you and Abhira, get ready and come.” Armaan hugs her and apologizes, “Forgive me, I have broken your heart and broken your trust,” even if you talked to Dadi on my behalf. She calms him down. She requests that he memorize the relationship. She claims she isn’t your or my decision, but rather an issue for our family. He says she’ll try… She claims that the elder bahu does not try but keeps the family together, and she wonders how she would become the elder bahu.

Abhira says I’m not coming to get Mu dikhai. They are at odds. Sanjay greets the visitors. He claims Abhira is clever; we were about to evict her, but now we are welcoming visitors in her Mu dikhai. Armaan requests that Abhira perform the rasam. Dadi would taunt me for trapping you, says Abhira, and it’s not fair that I come there for their sake. He invites you to spend some time with him.

She declines. Kajal interacts with the visitors. She claims Ruhi has arrived. Dadi smiles as she sees Ruhi approaching with a ghunghat on her face. The lady requests that Vidya locate her elder bahu. Abhira says I’m not coming. Armaan insists on her coming. He hands her a dupatta to wear. She tosses it and declares, “I’m not coming downstairs.” She yells. The dupatta is draped over them. Everyone can hear her. The ladies speculate about Abhira’s fury.


Abhira and Ruhi perform a dance. Abhira’s saree unravels. Armaan dashes off to mend it. Dadi chastises Abhira.