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Manjiri says at the beginning of the episode, “Three lives can get better instead of one life,” adding, “I had agreed to you before. How can something new happen when you have your old memories with you.” Manjiri also points out that you are wise and still have time. I appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me, but nobody can make that decision for me. Manjiri smiles. You’re right, she says; consider your options carefully before making a choice. Asking Manjiri whether she wanted to speak with Akshu, Manish and Suwarna. Manjiri claims that we spoke. She goes. Akshu reflects on Manjiri’s remarks. She considers Abhinav. She begins to fear. She exits the vehicle and takes a breath. She moves forward. As Akshu approaches, a ladder drops. Abhi arrives just in time to grab the ladder. He helps Akshu out. When Akshu notices him, he turns to face the ladder. He withholds it and inquires, “Are you okay? Didn’t you see that ladder? At least, think of the baby.” He feels her heartbeat. She rejects. We’ll go to the hospital, he says, asking if you’re feeling queasy. She responds, “No. I choose a new route, but it returns me to the previous location, and I’m unsure whether I’m moving forward or not.” You are with me, he claims. Ringing of the school bell. Ruhi and Abhir emerge. When the doctor told you to relax, Abhir questioned your whereabouts. Akshu apologizes, “I forgot.” You don’t handle tension, claims Abhi. She is asked to consume nuts and milk by Abhir. He claims I want to build up my younger sister. He runs into Goenkas. He says he has no idea why Akshu is so preoccupied; either something happened or perhaps someone told her anything. When Muskaan enters, she says abortion. She remembered overhearing Manjiri and Akshu conversing. She claims that Manjiri requested Akshu to consider an abortion. Everyone, even Abhi, is shocked.

Manjiri is tense at home. She instructs the maid to leave and says that she will make a shopping list later. Why do you look scared, Mahima queries? She might feel ashamed, says Abhi when he arrives. He challenges Manjiri, saying, “How can you say to a mother that you don’t want the child of Abhinav and Akshu to enter this world?” Everybody is in awe. Manish questions how Manjiri can say this since Akshu would be making the choice. Manjiri claims, “I have traveled the globe and am aware that hasty decisions can lead to the destruction of lives.” She and Abhi are at odds. Kairav claims Manjiri always acts in this manner. Nodding, Muskaan. Surekha claims that the Lord created Manjiri by fusing Rahu and Ketu, and that she damages the enjoyment by only thinking about herself. You can never love someone else’s love; Abhinav gave love to Abhir because he didn’t have a child of his own; you believe you can show equal love to both children; blood is thick; you have a relationship with Abhir; he is your blood; decision is difficult, but we must make it, claims Manjiri. It’s the wrong choice, according to Dadi, who also claims that Manjiri is completely mistaken. Suwarna apologizes and explains that she doesn’t think Manjiri did anything wrong this time. Manjiri is a mother and has good reason for saying what she did; she genuinely cares for Abhi and is willing to do whatever to ensure him happiness. She has learned this lesson the hard way. It will be difficult for her to lose her child, adds Aarohi, because you just thought of Abhi and not of Akshu. Suwarna claims that Manjiri has also considered Akshu. Why? asks Manish. Suwarna claims that this choice will prevent complications in Akshu’s life because it is simpler to move on with Abhinav’s memories than with his child, who will inevitably turn into Abhi in full. Mahima claims that because of the complicated relationships in this area, it’s possible that Abhir won’t have a happy childhood and that only Abhi and Akshu would have time to think about him. Given that Anand claims that Ruhi is Abhi’s biological daughter, does he love her less now that the main issue has been resolved? According to Manjiri, love must exist because Akshu loves Abhinav more than she does Abhi. She will grow to adore Abhi, according to Anand. According to Manjiri, Akshu’s child will never be allowed to leave Abhinav.

Muskaan claims Akshu’s future lies with Abhinav’s child. She is urged not to instruct Suwarna. She claims that without Abhinav’s assistance, we might not have been able to handle Abhir. She now has Abhi’s support, and Abhi is still with Akshu. I concur with Manjiri that Akshu should choose Abhi above the impending birth of her child if given the choice. Mookaan wails. It is heard by Akshu.

My decision won’t alter, according to Abhi, and Akshu and her unborn child will be a part of my life. Shefali and Aarohi nod. I don’t want Akshu to make any sacrifices, he claims; I want to show her love, not suffering. According to Manjiri, occasional suffering might lead to lifetime happiness. He claims that I won’t place Akshu in a situation where she must decide between me and the child. A sad Akshu. She rests. She is met by Abhi. He observes Akshu dozing. She maintains her grip. Abhi speaks to Abhinav honestly. He believes that I will love this child, Manjiri’s decision will change with time, Akshu should come to me from the bottom of her heart, and that I will take care of her and solve her issues. He departs. Abhi consumes his meal in the morning. The vase falls as Ruhi flees. Abhi pivots to look. Are you okay?, Aarohi queries. Ruhi apologizes, “I always forget things.” She takes a seat and eats. Mamanjiri sobs. Aarohi sobs as she thinks of Neil. Why are you crying, Ruhi queries. He requests that Abhi examine them. According to Aarohi, I noticed you and thought of your father, who was also clumsy like you. But I never met him, says Ruhi. According to Aarohi, we all exhibit traits from our parents; you resemble your father. Mahima responds, “I understand your fear, Manjiri. Aarohi didn’t care when she didn’t marry Abhi, she didn’t forget Neil, and she has Ruhi in front of her. If Abhinav’s child shows up here, Akshu won’t ever be able to forgive him, and she won’t fully become of Abhi.”

Akshu apologizes, saying that although I intended to attend, I arrived late for the puja. Abhir declares that he will ask Shiv ji to remove the baby from our lives since he hates them. Akshu extends a hand and halts. Abhir leaves the house.