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The episode begins with Armaan awakening. He stands up to go. He notices Abhira dozing off. He responds, “Thank God, no one has seen her yet; I’ll wake her up.” He summons her. Abhira grins as she thinks of Akshu. No, she responds, I’d want to sleep for a little longer, Mumma. She hears Armaan call her name. She remembers Akshu’s meal and takes his hand. She staggers. Armaan is holding her. She walks away. Ruhi is drying her hair. Rohit recognizes her and smiles. Jeena hai….plays… He gets up and assists her. He says, “You unpack, and I’ll make room in the cupboard for your belongings.” Abhira stores her clothing in the closet. Armaan appears. He asks, “I believe you require more space; may I make some room for you?” She responds no, I’ve already taken up a lot of room. Her clothing are kept in the cupboard by Rohit and Ruhi. Abhira throws away her makeup kit.

She apologizes. She chooses everything. Armaan says I’ll do it. She replies no, but I’ll make do. Ruhi organizes her makeup bag. Kiara enters Armaan’s room and notices the mess. She hands Abhira a tooth brush. Armaan praises her and wonders if she is displeased with him. She claims you made a mistake, but we must proceed with caution. She walks away. Don’t worry, Armaan says, take this. Abhira claims she meant exactly that. Dadi claims Ruhi’s mu dikhai rasam is taking place, which explains why she is wearing two dupattas. Vidya says I considered doing Abhira’s mu dikhai as well. Dadi tosses the dupatta and declares that Abhira is not her bahu. She yells.

In her chamber, Abhira is tense. Don’t worry, Armaan says, I’ll accompany you. She says she’ll come whenever she wants, so you go. He says, “Look, Abhira, you haven’t eaten anything in 2-3 days; come have breakfast.” She refuses and requests that he go. Kajal appears. Dadi says Armaan has a horrible bahu, and you should do her mu dikhai. Vidya apologizes, but we must maintain the relationship; we cannot abandon our bahu. Dadi claims I’m going to kick her out of the house.
Dadi tells Ruhi, “I’m the only one who makes decisions here.” She tells him, “Rohit, you are my favorite, but you have no right to do whatever you want; Abhira will never be a part of this house; only Ruhi’s mu dikhai will occur.” It’s Kajal’s first rasoi, so she asks Abhira to bake some sweets.


Abhira inquires, “Will they eat it if I make it?” I know this marriage is a deception, so why pretend? Armaan departs. She is starving. He invites Kajal to accompany him. He adds I’ll accompany Abhira, who is afraid to walk downstairs. She advises, “Always support your wife.” Abhira takes a sip of water. She leaves. Armaan invites her to join him. Everyone takes a seat. Dadi instructs everyone to begin eating. Vidya is praised by her. Vidya claims that Ruhi made this meal, not her. Rohit claims that if I cook like this every day, my six pack and jawline would leave the house. Ruhi beams. Dadi instructs Rohit to go fetch it. He inquires as to what, exactly. Vidya and Kajal are both smiling. Rohit receives a box. Ruhi receives a toffee from Dadi.

Everyone applauds. Ruhi expresses gratitude to her. Armaan and Abhira arrive to observe. Abhira is holding Armaan. Dadi makes fun of Armaan and Abhira. Abhira refuses to sit. Abhira agrees with Dadi that if I sit here, everyone will be uncomfortable; I don’t usually dine with everyone. She walks away. Abhira, says Armaan… Dadi says the meal is getting cold; whether you choose to stay with family or not is up to you.

Manisha inquires as to who makes the noodles in the morning. They all rush to the sloppy kitchen. Abhira is the one who cooks the noodles. Aryan claims that I, too, want to eat noodles. Kiara claims it’s junk food, and Abhira has left. Abhira looks around and notices everyone. She asks Dadi, “Would you like noodles?” She says, “I’ll find a matching plate and serve you.” Dadi is leaving. Everyone leaves. Abhira thinks of Akshu.

She sobs and drops the plate of noodles. Vidya and Ruhi arrive. Vidya claims you’ve ruined the entire kitchen. Abhira apologizes. Ruhi says, “Go, I’ll clean it.” Abhira leaves. Dadi, according to Vidya, is already upset. Ruhi claims that her life was broken two days ago and that she needs time to recover. Dadi claims that I want Abhira to leave. Sanjay replies we’ll put her up in any reputable hostel. Dadi wonders what will happen if she returns to take money. He claims she is an ordinary girl; we will charge her with fraud. Armaan arrives and overhears this. He folds his hands and adds, “I know you’re upset with me, but our family isn’t stone-hearted, and you’re not going to ask Abhira to leave, right?”


Abhira and Ruhi perform a dance. Abhira’s saree unravels. Armaan dashes off to mend it. Dadi chastises Abhira.