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The episode begins with Abhir and Ruhi questioning Muskaan about why he removed everything. Manish claims that since Akshu is ill, a wedding cannot go place. The youngsters are adamant. Dadi claims that the marriage is improbable. They query why. When you are an adult, you will understand, according to Dadi. I am aware that there is another issue, therefore enlighten us, says Abhir. Says Ruhi, “Please tell us.” Akshu isn’t fine, a baby is on the way, Manish hugs them. Our wish, so they say, came true. What wish, Suwarna enquires. It’s fantastic news if the baby is on the way, says Abhir, since I prayed to Shiv Ji for a little sister. Shiv Ji is the finest; he granted my request. Abhi calls a physician and informs him or her of Akshu’s pregnancy. He invites her to get checked out. He thanks you and says, “I’ll send the address.”

Abhi views the photo of Akshu and Abhinav. He thinks of Abhinav. Manjiri shows up. She says we need to consider this marriage right away. Surekha asserts that we must address society and that we cannot leave this unfinished. Akshu observes. Shefali queries why we would respond, “You all are happy, that’s it, this marriage is also connected to a baby’s happiness and fate.” Yes, according to Mahima, there are two children from this marriage; Akshu must concur. Her choice would have an impact on Abhi and the children. We don’t know what to do, claims Surekha. According to Kairav, we should be prepared for everything; if Abhi rejects this baby, Muskaan and I will take him or her in. According to Aarohi, it will be incorrect and both children should receive parental and family assistance. Upon hearing this, Akshu leaves. Muskaan follows her. Akshu is knotted, not her fault, claims Shefali.

Manjiri claims that Abhi did nothing wrong; he simply assumed responsibility. I have closely seen all of this, and I am aware that it is difficult to accept someone else’s child. Will Abhi not adore this baby, Shefali wonders. Manjiri claims he will, but it is difficult to live this life because he will experience daily heartbreak. If Abhinav had believed this, Anand claims, what would have happened to Abhir. She claims he was wonderful, adding, “I don’t want Abhi to put up with this, and I won’t let him make a bad decision. Marriage happens for love or family, not for friendship. Abhi loves Akshu, and Akshu doesn’t love him. I can’t accept that she still loves her late husband. She must choose one of the two options: either she will be Abhi’s wife, or she will be the mother of Abhinav’s child. Muskaan exclaims, “I’m so excited. I feel like Abhinav is returning. My nephew will be arriving soon.”

She is asked to get jam toast by Muskaan. She says, “Tell me what you want, okay, and you won’t marry Abhi now.” She adds it’s fortunate we found out now otherwise divorce would have occurred, but don’t worry, Kairav and I will raise this child. Akshu is anxious. When the doctor arrives, he or she says, “Abhi sent me for your checkup.” Akshu beams. According to Muskaan, there is no crisis. The doctor claims that Abhi requested that I see him because he is worried about Akshu. Muskaan departs. Akshu apologizes to the doctor. You are really imp to the doctor, he claims. Manish claims that we are unable to decide. They notice Abhi’s approach. Akshu is visited by Abhi. Akshu’s care is requested by the doctor. He queries her current state. The doctor says she requires careful care because she is feeble. I’ll take care of it, thanks for coming, he says. Dr. leaves.

Abhi examines the medication. I didn’t know, says Akshu, and I don’t want you to make any sacrifices. I’m ready to marry you, he continues, but only with your permission. Will you accept Abhinav’s baby and show sacrificial love, she inquires about. He asks, “What’s this stupid question? You think just you all can do good things, I can’t do anything good.” He responds, “This baby is also yours, I’m ready to marry you, you think well. Abhinav loved Abhir a lot. I will love his baby. I will raise the baby as I raised Ruhi. If I take a long time, she says. You still have time until I have my life, he claims. She sobs. He queries what transpired. She claims that although your response was straightforward, your question was complex, you weren’t sure how to respond, and you felt like you had upset everyone. He tells you to relax and take care.

Kids take Akshu somewhere this morning. Everyone congratulates Akshu for the good news and shocks her. All of them dance and sing. Muskaan embraces Akshu. Manjiri shows up. They all observe. Abhi demonstrates the drugs to Abhir. Abhir makes a note. She claimed that Papa took good care of her, so when are you going to marry Mumma, he says, “I know we should take care of Mumma.” She is now quite frail, therefore we will work to get her stronger before considering marriage, adds Abhi. We have to head to school, adds Ruhi, who arrives. According to Abhir, marriage would take place after Mom gets better. I only hope Akshu has faith in me, since this child won’t be any less important to me than Ruhi and Abhir were.

According to Manjiri, you and Abhi are not like you were before; you two are understanding, and you raised Abhi well. She advises me to consider both of the children.
Akshu claims that I am prepared to wed Abhi and live with him and his two children. Manjiri rejects the impending child.