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Dadi asks Sanjay to check what’s going on at the beginning of the episode. We already lost Armaan, so you have to deal with Rohit, Sanjay adds. I’ll explain, Kajal. Dadi believes that girl has to lose, but our values cannot fail. Abhira views the family photos of Armaan. Listen, Armaan says. Sanjay claims that it’s happening once more. Dadi says we have to hurry because love is like a spark that rapidly turns into fire.

He claims that due to Madhav’s error, we have Armaan. He also promises to resolve the issue and keep the marriage a secret from the city. To sit, Armaan requests Abhira. It’s where he keeps the play turtle. She claims that although Abhira is now Armaan’s wife, we won’t let her remain in that role. Abhira is asked to consume water and dry fruits by Armaan. Tell me if you need anything else, he says. He leaves. She sobs when she remembers Akshu’s remarks.

“Mum, I need you,” she yells. Ruhi sobs as she sits. She is blind to Manish’s call. She thinks of Abhira and Armaan. Armaan apologizes to Ruhi. She claims that Abhira was the girl who answered my phone. He gives a nod. Manish and Rohit have a video call. Surekha makes jokes. You are so humorous, replies Rohit. Suwarna says Ruhi isn’t responding and that everything is alright. No, Rohit replies. I have no value now that she’s here, and everyone is singing her name. I should pack my things and come to your place. “This is your house,” Manish declares. I will force you to speak with Ruhi, says Rohit. He asks, “Are you okay?” upon seeing Abhira.

Who, wonders Surekha Bhabhi? Where is Bhaiya, wonders Rohit? Abhira answers, “I’m not sure.” I apologize; I can’t seem to locate Ruhi. I’ll have her give you a call. I think that was Abhira’s voice, Manish says. Surekha queries her plans, speculating that perhaps some distant relatives had visited. Armaan goes for a walk; don’t worry, Rohit replies, I’ll keep you company. Thank you, Abhira says, “I’m fine. I’ll make you some hot chocolate,” and then we head to fetch Armaan. I’m not sure if you told the story correctly or not, says Ruhi.

According to Armaan, it’s not so repulsive to pretend someone is dead. I don’t know you, she says. Try to comprehend, he says. She claims that although you claimed Abhira wasn’t your girlfriend, you married her in just two days. I was powerless, he claims. You forced me to marry Rohit, she claims. Quit pretending. If you had told me sooner, my life would have been easier. Instead, you have only lied to me. You promised me something, but it’s a lie. You said you loved me. He claims that I told no lies. Talk about Abhira among the cousins. They notice Abhira and Rohit. She leaves. They receive a reprimand from Rohit and are urged to appreciate relationships. He claims that our Bhabhi is Abhira. Abhira is now your wife, adds Ruhi. Simply the namesake wife, says Armaan.

You married Abhira, you are her husband, and I am Rohit’s wife; don’t tell me there is no relationship between Abhira and you; I once trusted you, but I no longer do. Ruhi says you act like it’s a game. Abhira is visible to them. Ruhi pats away her tears. It’s alright, Abhira responds; everyone is mentioning me. The hot chocolate goes to Rohit. We were finding you, he continues, so why is there such a glaring pause? Ruhi and Abhira grow depressed. Going on a double date was my fantasy, according to Rohit. To speak with Manish, he asks Ruhi. Ruhi leaves. Let them have some hot chocolate, Rohit asks. He leaves.

Your Dhruv Tara, Akshara Mam, says Armaan. Where did my fate lead me, Abhira wonders? Vidya searches for medications. You have the milk, Manish says, and you will sleep. Madhav claims Maasa didn’t get any sleep. Manoj predicts that Abhira will win. Will you never accept that girl, Manisha asks. Never, says Vidya. More than half of the family, according to Madhav, is against her. Though Armaan is beside her and considerably stronger than her, Manoj swears he won’t allow anything to happen to Abhira. Manisha replies that since people forgive their blood, you would have accepted Rohit’s wife if he had gotten married without telling you. She walks away. Vidya sheds tears.

Ruhi attempts to go to bed. When Armaan arrives, he adds that she will feel uncomfortable if I get in. Sitting in the kitchen, Abhira sobs. Armaan arrives as well and breaks down in tears. Yeh Rishta engages in play.


Dadi claims that just Ruhi’s mu dikhai rasam is taking place. Can we also perform Abhira’s mu dikhai, Vidya asks? Ruhi is asked by Armaan to be friends with Abhira.