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The episode begins with Aarohi asking if you’re feeling better now, that you haven’t eaten anything in four hours, and that you should drink some water first. Akshu inquires as to what occurred to me. Muskaan inquires about Akshu’s well-being. Abhi checks his email. Aarohi advises against going out since you need to rest. Akshu adds, “I need to know what happened to me, am I sick, tell me, I’m dizzy all the time.” Aarohi claims you are not unwell, but rather pregnant. Akshu is taken aback. Abhi goes through his mail. He asks Rohan who provided the report; it’s for another patient; I’ll go check on Akshu.

Akshu remembers Abhinav’s birthday parties. She feeds the cake to him and wishes him a happy birthday. He says the same thing to you. She claims it is not Diwali. They are having a romantic moment. He clings to her. She walks away. He moves his gaze to the opposite side. She embraces him. Dil jaaniye meynu lene de…. Plays… The FB comes to an end.

Abhi pays a visit to Akshu. Aarohi says it’s fine, don’t think about right and wrong, just focus on your marriage, don’t have any second thoughts, we’ll disclose the truth after the marriage pheras, promise me you won’t inform Abhi about the pregnancy. Abhi approaches Akshu and inquires whether he is okay. He requests that Aarohi open the door. Come, Aarohi says you can’t tell Abhi anything. She splashes water on Akshu’s face and asks, “Did you understand?” She then opens the door. She pushes open the door. When Abhi enters, she notices Akshu cradling her tummy. Suwarna claims it was my fault; Akshu was feeling ill, and I was distracted. Muskaan answers no, you look after everyone. Surekha warns Suwarna not to faint in the midst of the anxiety. Dadi chastises her. Don’t worry, she adds, Akshu is a daughter, mother, lawyer, and now a bride; we’re rushing with marriage, so she didn’t have time. Let me go see Mumma, says Abhir. Abhi inquires whether you have any stomach aches, if something went wrong, or if it is due to milk consumption. Manjiri assures Abhir and Ruhi that nothing would happen to Akshu; go play with Shivansh. Abhi says we’ll go to the hospital and get the tests done, so stay brave and come. He seizes her. Manish inquires if you discovered anything. Abhi claims that I’m taking her to the hospital for a checkup. Abhi, says Akshu, I’m pregnant. Abhi inquires if you said anything. Akshu claims I’m expecting.

Everyone, even Abhi, is taken aback. Manjiri inquires, “Did you keep this from us?” Suwarna claims she only recently discovered it, based on her appearance. Manjiri believes Akshu would have known. According to Aarohi, I was the first to learn about this. Manjiri inquires….

Aarohi claims I never told anyone. Manish inquires as to why you believe such things are hidden. Dadi claims it is not Aarohi’s fault because I forced her to remain silent. Manish wonders how you’re able to achieve this. Dadi claims, “I’ve seen the world; I was hiding this truth for one day, when everyone would mock Akshu.” Mahima describes it as unexpected. Dadi believes Akshu and Abhi should marry and not let fate decide their fate. Manjiri claims that the truth was hidden, which is a falsehood. Kairav wonders if we can trust the reports. Yes, says Aarohi, it’s from our lab, and the symptoms can’t be wrong. Surekha is correct, but these visitors, mahurat, and everything have their place. She asks Akshu and Abhi whether they want to marry. Muskaan inquires as to which marriage. Muskaan, please don’t, says Kairav. She claims that because Akshu is carrying Abhinav’s child, the marriage cannot take place at this time. Surekha claims that Abhi and Akshu are not children, that this is not their first marriage, and that they will make their own decision. Muskaan inquires as to why you are unable to listen to me. Dadi instructs her not to quarrel. She claims that we shall marry them. According to Manjiri, this marriage is really a compromise. Akshu becomes dizzy. Abhi is holding her. He begs them to stop. He says we’ll make a decision regarding our marriage, but it can’t happen today. Dadi inquires, but why? Look at Akshu’s condition, said Abhi. Akshu passes out. He grabs her in his arms and leads her to the chamber. Muskaan beams. Abhi instructs Akshu to take a deep breath and relax. He requests that she take off her jewelry. He takes off her bracelets and tells her to unwind. He tells you to concentrate on my heartbeat; it will return to normal when you take a deep breath. Akshu beams. Manish and everyone appreciate the visitors for their presence. They overhear the guests discussing Abhinav’s baby. Kairav becomes enraged. Manish says to let it go and restrain your rage. We’ll leave, according to Mahima. They notice Muskaan filling the havan kund with water. Manjiri becomes enraged when he recalls Muskaan’s statements.

Muskaan takes down the floral decorations from the mandap. Everyone is watching. She walks away. It’s late at night when Abhi returns home. He thinks of Akshu. Akshu pulls Abhinav’s picture and asks, “Did you hear the good news, we’re going to become parents, you loved Abhir a lot, but this baby will be of yours, I feel this time it will be a daughter, I’ll make her a PJ queen, she’ll be the loveliest, she’ll be ours?” She envisions Abhinav smiling. Abhi appears and inquires, “What about me? Will you forget me and break your promise? You were going to marry me, will you break me down?” She is concerned.

Precap: According to Manjiri, marriages are made for love or family, not for friendship, hence Akshara cannot be Abhi’s wife and Abhinav’s baby’s mother. I’m ready to marry you, according to Abhi. Akshu inquires whether you will be able to name Abhinav’s child after you.