Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th december 2023 Episode 4280

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In this episode:

The scene starts with Rohit enjoying kheer. Armaan calls him and instructs him to answer with just yes or no. Rohit confirms he is at the dining table with everyone. Armaan advises him to finish breakfast quickly and join him at the hotel. Rohit agrees and messages Armaan to check if he’s okay. Armaan replies positively, and Rohit shares that a friend is leaving for the US, so he needs to meet him. Dadi, Vidya, and others insist he fetch the kalash from the temple before leaving.

Rohit asks Ruhi to accompany him to the hotel, and after some teasing from the cousins, Vidya grants permission for them to talk in private. Meanwhile, Armaan rehearses how to break the news of his marriage to Dadi. As he opens the door to leave, he receives a message.

While leaving, Abhira stumbles and falls into Armaan’s arms. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt button, leading to an awkward situation. Ruhi witnesses this and recalls Armaan’s earlier words. Armaan removes the stuck mangalsutra, and Abhira goes to retrieve her forgotten phone.

At the hotel, Rohit welcomes Armaan and Abhira, and the surprise of their marriage is revealed. Rohit humorously expresses his regret about not being upset with Armaan for keeping the marriage a secret. The family gets shocked, and Abhira’s introduction is met with disbelief.

In the next episode, the family grapples with the revelation, and Abhira’s grahpravesh (entry into the house) takes place. Emotions run high, especially for Ruhi, as the consequences of this surprise unfold.