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Garry meets Seerat. Garry, who is sitting in a bathtub, claims she arrived late and appears uninterested in her freedom. Seerat claims that his long-lost father and mother are getting married today at Brar House, but she is present. Garry says he’s not interested in a dead relationship and asks if she wants him to sign divorce papers. She expresses relief that something positive is happening in her life and inquires as to where her divorce papers are. On a table, Garry says. Sahiba considers calling Seerat and asking why she is in this hotel, but she fears that calling her may alert Seerat. Seerat signs divorce papers and requests that Garry sing them. Garry signs them and expresses his gratitude for her independence. Seerat claims she will file divorce papers in court because she does not trust him, that this is the last time they will meet, and that he will never visit her again.

If Angad trusts him, he asks Ajith to send Keerat to the Brar mansion. Ajith says he trusts Angad but cannot send Keerat to the Brar residence. Keerat claims that because Yash punished coach and brought him back into wrestling, she is required to attend his engagement wedding. Santosh requests that she stop lying because she knows Keerat wishes to see Veer there. Ajith adds Keerat is welcome to accompany him, but they will not come. Keerat answers the doorbell and opens it. She is surprised to see Coach and wonders what he is doing here. Her parents and Angad join her in confronting him. He claims he was coerced into misbehaving with Keerat.

Sahiba is still waiting for Seerat. Seerat goes away from behind her, unnoticed. Sahiba is astounded to find the manager of Mumbai’s Blue Carnation Hotel interacting with the goon who attacked Angad/Sunny. They both run into Garry. Sahiba knocks on the door. The door is opened by the manager. Sahiba inquires if he recognized her. Manager acts as if he doesn’t know who she is. Sahiba brings up the Blue Carnation Hotel and wonders if he came here to spy on them. Garry hears her voice and realizes he cannot allow Sahiba to see him. He dons a mask and requests that Goon send her away. Goon and Manager attempt to push Sahiba away. Sahiba sprays them with pepper spray, finds the masked man, and moves behind him, stating he can’t escape now. Someone knocks her from behind, causing her to collapse. Mannat, it turns out.

Coach admits to following Yash Baweja’s directives. Angad and Mongas do not believe him. He claims that his family abandoned him as a result of this. Santosh claims he deserves it because of his awful actions. Angad slaps him and instructs him not to use the name Yash. Coach claims to have evidence against Yash. Mannat is chastised by Garry for hitting Sahiba. Parth wonders who did it. Garry claims that his sister, Sahiba, was always a source of contention for him. Mannat claims that they will assassinate Sahiba and put a stop to the conflict. Garry instructs her to utilize her brain. The driver of Sahiba calls. Mannat answers the phone and claims she is a friend of Sahiba’s, that Sahiba is eating lunch, and that he can leave the car in the parking lot and leave the keys with valet. Garry instructs Mannat to conceal Sahiba’s face and assist her in getting into the car; they will drop her off in her own car.

Garry confronts Hash about his use of him as a pawn in his game. Yash exclaims that he can hear everything and is not deaf. Sahiba is taken aback to see them together. They are both aware of him.