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Angad chastises Sahiba for inadvertently injuring herself and asks her to expose her foot. Sahiba claims she did not injure herself deliberately when she stepped on a bracelet. He questions why she doesn’t put her stuff in place because her own stuff is hurting her now. What’s new in it, she argues, is that her loved ones always hurt her. Angad gets her a pain reliever spray and instructs her to apply it herself if she does not require the assistance of her loved one. Sahiba examines the bracelet and recognizes it as Seerat’s. She wonders what Seerat was doing in her room.

Jasleen dislikes the decor and demands that it be changed. He claims that there will be additional costs. Jasleen claims she is unconcerned. She receives a call from her secretary, who informs her that she has lodged guests at a 7-star Topaz hotel. Inder confronts her for overspending during a financial crisis in which all of their business accounts are seized. Jasleen claims that they still have enough money to throw a party. Manveer claims that Yash is wealthy enough to take care of his guests. Jasleen claims he is now wealthier than them, but she does not want him to think she is marrying him for money. Manveer chuckles and tells her to quit her theatrics because everyone knows she’s only returning to Yash for his money. Jasleen wonders if she is jealous that she has reclaimed her love. Angad interrupts their quarrel and assures Jasleen that she can have everything she wants and not worry about the cost. Jasleen beams and hugs him.

Sahiba goes into Seerat’s room to confront her. Seerat gets set to meet Garry and calls him to tell him that he chose the wrong day. Garry tells her she should come immediately away if she needs her freedom, or else he would be swamped with essential work shortly. She pleads him not to scare her and attempts to leave when Sahiba enters and wonders what her bracelet was doing in her room. Seerat initially denies, then claims she came to ask Sahiba’s advice on a gift for Jasleen, and that the bracelet must have slipped off. She grabs bangles and attempts to flee. Sahiba inquires as to her destination. Seerat claims she ordered a present and will soon receive it. Sahiba requests that she not lie because she overheard someone threatening her over the phone. Seerat claims that the courier boy has threatened to return the present if she does not contact him. She walks away. Sahiba becomes increasingly wary of her.

Angad/Sunny receives Mannat’s message and wishes to meet him. Angad responds that he is away from Ludhiana for work and will return soon. Mannat feels Sunny is very naïve and messages that she misses him right now. Garry examines the secret information and believes that Angad’s dreadful days are arrived and that he will fully destroy the Brar family’s star. Seerat is followed by Sahiba. Simran pulls her aside and asks her to get ready. Sahiba says she’ll be right back and hurries away. She hails a cab and follows Seerat. Seerat enters into a motel while hiding her face. Sahiba continues to follow her. Her pal contacts her. Seerat becomes alarmed and inquires as to who she was calling. Sahiba Kapoor refers to her as a friend. Seerat continues to walk. A friend gives Sahiba a thumbs up. Sahiba follows Seerat once more.

Veer insists on Keerat attending Jasleen and Yash’s engagement ceremony via the phone. While cooking daal, Keerat claims she can’t because her parents refused to accompany her and she fears being ridiculed by Brars again. Santosh chastises her for using sugar instead of salt in her daal. Veer hangs up the phone. Angad inquires if he was speaking with Keerat. Veer replies yes, that Yash is assisting him and Keerat in their professional development, and that he wants Seerat to attend Yash and Jasleen’s engagement, but Keerat’s parents are concerned that Gurleen and Manveer may humiliate Keerat again. Angad promises to bring Keerat to the function and asks him to make certain that Gurleen and Manveer are not present when she arrives. Veer embraces him warmly. Angad pays a visit to the Monga home and apologizes to Santosh and Ajith on Gurleen and Manveer’s behalf, asking them to bring Keerat along to the ceremony. They reluctantly accept. Sahiba is still following Seerat to a motel room.

Garry confronts Hash about his use of him as a pawn in his game. Yash exclaims that he can hear everything and is not deaf. Sahiba is taken aback to see them together. They are both aware of him.