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Garry is revealed as the mysterious man who repairs shattered mirror pieces. He claims that, like this mirror, it is time to end the Brar family. Angad’s wounded face is treated with ice by Sahiba. Mannat phones Sunny/Angad and inquires as to why he left the party misinformed. Angad claims to have vital job. She requests that he tell her, “I love you.” Hearing it, Sahiba becomes enraged. Angad cuts the phone since he can’t hear anything. Sahiba wonders how long this honey and chick drama will last. Angad says this until he discovers Sunny’s true identity.

Seerat confronts Garry about her misbehavior and asks why he has been blackmailing her for a month. Garry claims it’s been 1 month, 10 days, 18 hours, 15 seconds since he returned to her life, and she quickly forgot the day he called. Seerat said she will never forget the day she met him. She remembers seeing a strange caller in his hotel room and being surprised to realize it was Garry. Garry inquires whether she is surprised to see her spouse return. If Seerat is still alive, then who died? Garry describes him as an unfortunate man whose time had passed. Seerat questions why, if he is still alive, he did not return home. He claims he has become accustomed to living as a shadow and that he requires her assistance in a game. She threatens to tell his family that he is still alive. He stops her and tells her that if she does not get freedom from being his wife, he knows she does not want to be his wife forever, so she must do everything he asks.

Seerat states in a flashback that she did whatever he told her to do. Garry claims she did not do him any favors and had no other choice. He remembers pinning her to a sofa and telling her that her tears revealed how much she despised being with him and bearing his agony; he wants a secret file kept in Angad’s locker, which is hidden behind his cupboard. Seeerat wonders what will happen if she does not complete his assignment. Garry claims he will not free her for the rest of her life and will make her feel hell every moment, so she must choose between freedom and life incarceration. In a flashback, Seerat states she obtained the file and wishes to divorce him; what is in this file that he requested her to steal? Garry claims it’s none of her concern. Seerat claims she is not interested and only wants a divorce. Garry claims she finished her assignment late. Seerat claims it was a difficult effort. Garry assures her that she will receive her reward and that she should be patient. She walks away. He tosses a dart at Angad’s portrait and declares that Garry is back, and that this time he will trap him so horribly that he will not be able to escape.

Sahiba obtains turmeric milk for Angad and urges that he consume it. He drinks milk and explains that because Jasleen and Yash’s wedding is tomorrow, they shouldn’t know he’s Angad and not Sunny. Sahiba wonders how he will find Garry; the way Sunny is playing hide and seek, she doesn’t think he cares about Mannat and will come in front of him; goons looking for Sunny will annoy him, as he witnessed today. Angad claims he told her numerous times not to interfere, and that if she hadn’t, he would have nabbed the goon. Sahiba inquires as to why he believes they are apart; she wishes to know what is going through his thoughts. Angad says he doesn’t want her to get in trouble because he is always afraid of what will happen to him if something happens to her. Sahiba wonders why he continually pulls Rumi between them; it’s not her fault that a cheapster slipped behind. Angad claims it wasn’t her fault, but she made some bad decisions and left home; he still shakes thinking about her in danger; she doesn’t understand his terror. Sahiba says she understands because she is concerned about him; she is a simple girl who can take care of herself; if he doesn’t need her support, neither does she. Angad claims she is misinterpreting things and that he prefers to be alone at this time. She goes away, asking for milk.

The planning for Jasleen’s wedding ceremony begins. Prabjot dances with Simran and feeds Jasleen sweets. Jasleen gets mehandi on her hands. Seerat walks by, looking for something. Prabjot mocks her if she loses her ten rupee note. Seerat claims she misplaced her jewelry. Jasleen asks her to double-check because she had previously lost her jewelry. Seerat responds by taunting her that she will locate it, just as Jasleen did with her lost spouse. Jasleen becomes enraged. Japjot requests that Jasleen refrain from fighting on her special day. Angad receives a call from Pam, who informs him that the company’s accounts have been frozen and that they must pay employees’ salaries. Angad requests that she pay it from his personal account and that she come home and sign his cheques. Sahiba writhes in anguish as she steps on the bracelet. Angad inquires if she is unable to see or walk. Sahiba claims she was cautious, and that a bracelet found its way here. Angad inquires as to whether she is unable to properly store her belongings.

Sahiba creates paintings. The mysterious man’s voice claims she describes herself as an artist; can she complete his picture without seeing her? Sahiba inquires as to who it is. Garry, the mysterious man, asks Sahiba whether she is eager to meet him. Sahiba becomes terrified.