Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th January 2024 Episode 366

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Angad tells Sahiba that he can’t believe she sought Garry’s help in destroying their family and almost got them on the road. He claims she continued to oppose him. Sahiba requests that he not mention that. Angad claims she doesn’t even listen to herself, let alone him, and that she enlisted the assistance of their adversary, who assisted his father in destroying them. Sahiba claims she did all she did to save their family. Angad claims he would have helped his family in some way, recalling a scene in which their house was being destroyed while Garry was smiling. He is still blaming Sahiba.

Manveer then accuses Sahiba of siding with their adversary against Angad. Sahiba claims she will never oppose Angad. Angad declares his support for Garry while opposing him. He goes on. Sahiba claims that while though Garry supported his father, he later realized his error and assisted him in going against his father, and she supported a son who loves his mother. Angad tells Sahiba about how Garry imprisoned Akaal and deceived Seerat, whom he married, and so on. Garry assures him that he need not be concerned about Seerat because they are now divorced. Everyone is surprised to hear that.

Jasleen inquires of Seerat whether she had met Garry in a hotel when she saw her there. Seerat is deafeningly quiet. Manveer claims that both sisters are liars. Seerat claims she met Garry many years ago and that he threatened to divorce her. Garry, according to Sahiba, is heartily repenting for his error and should be forgiven. Angad inquires of Santosh and Seerat whether they will forgive Garry. Garry is cursed by Santosh for divorcing Seerat and causing a schism between Angad and Sahiba. Seerat accuses Sahiba of concealing the truth about seeking Garry’s assistance from his family. Jasleen wonders why she suppressed the facts from her family and kept them in the dark. Seerat claims she told them Garry threatened her.

Garry requests that everyone cease because it is his fault, not anybody else’s. Seerat is hoping he doesn’t reveal that she assisted him in obtaining a confidential file from Angad’s locker. The saga continues. Sahiba attempts to persuade Brars to accept Garry. Manveer screams at her. Jasleen claims that they are all blaming Garry, but they can’t see his change of heart, and they have returned to their house because of Garry. Akaal claims that his one good deed cannot overcome all of his misdeeds. Angad declares that he will quit the house if Garry remains. The family saga continues.

Precap: Sahiba stops Angad and introduces himself as his wife. Angad claims she never performed her wifely duties; she supported her husband’s adversary and deceived him; he will never forget her betrayal. Sahiba claims he is misinterpreting her. Angad prevents her from entering his room, stating that he cannot bear her face after what she has done.