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During Mannat’s party, Sahiba steps aside to summon Angad. A mysterious man hidden behind a wall requests that she concentrate on Sunny since he possesses junoon-e-dil diamond. Sahiba inquires and seeks for him. He plays hide and seek with him, instructing him to keep an eye on Sunny. She arrives at the parking lot behind him. Her phone crashes to the ground. She ties his expensive shoes. He slips out from behind her. Mannat and Sunny dance to the song Aaj Ki Raat.. Akaal, accompanied by Japjot, enters Angad’s room and attempts to open the locker using the passcode provided by Angad. Seerat observes them hiding and notices four numbers but is unable to see the next two. Akaal pulls out a necklace and a brown file. Japjot promises to present this jewelry to Jasleen. Seerat believes this is the brown file she needs to take and present to the strange man; she observed four digits and needs two more to access the locker. Akaal replaces the file in the locker and shuts it.

Sunny and Mannat have completed their performance. Everyone applauds for them. Sahiba returns to the party venue and keeps a close eye on Sunny. Mannat offers her beverages to Sunny, but he declines. Sahiba is aware of this. While dancing, Mannat spills drinks on Sunny. Sunny goes to the restroom to clean himself. Sahiba attempts to follow him, but Yash stops him and informs him that he has dispatched his driver to bring Angad from his office. Sunny is pursued by goons sent by an unknown stranger. Seerat tries to access the locker and input 0503, then recalls her and Angad’s wedding occurred on March 5th, and enters 05 03 23. The locker door opens. He takes a brown file and walks away. Her bangle falls to the ground.

Sunny exits the restroom. Sunny is attacked by a mysterious man’s goon, who demands that he tell him where the diamond is. Sunny assaults Goon, but Goon easily defeats him. Sunny suffocates. Sahiba seeks Sunny’s assistance and sprays goon with pepper spray. Goon flees the scene. Sunny questions Sahiba about why she interfered as he was going to apprehend that goon. Sahiba requests that he quit acting as Sunny because she knows he is Angad. Sunny claims that he is not Angad. Sahiba tells him to quit acting silly since she knows what he’s up to and why he ordered jasmine tea for him. Sunny claims to have been wearing jasmine perfume. She inquires as to why he was concerned when she slipped. He claims to be concerned about any girl. She inquires as to why he did not drink from Mannat’s lipstick-smeared wine glass. He claims he was about to have it when the alcohol spilled over him.

She is about to fall down the stairs as she walks behind him, questioning him. He grips her and warns her about what will happen to him if something bad occurs to her. She inquires as to what he wishes to say at this time. He claims he had to pose as Sunny in order to unravel the riddle. He tells her of Sunny’s phone, which he found in his car, and says that when he checked to see whose number it is, he found it in his name; this suggests that someone is exploiting his personal information to trap him. He goes on to say that the goon was inquiring about the junoon-e-dil diamond. She claims she overheard someone discussing the diamond and pursued him, but he escaped. She noticed him wearing some unusual shoes.

Goon contacts the unknown man and informs him that he has completed his duty and has asked Angad where the diamond is, but someone intervenes and saves Angad. Man inquires whether he persuaded Angad that the diamond was with Sunny. Yes, Goon says. Man claims he will be rewarded for his efforts. Seerat takes the brown file to the mysterious man, believing she will be free of his clutches. She trips and falls. The mysterious man selects the file and proceeds to his room. Seerat approaches him from behind and attempts to remove his mask. He pushes her away, tosses a mask at a mirror, reassembles the glass, and reveals himself to be Garry, who wishes to kill the Brar family.

Sahiba creates paintings. The mysterious man’s voice claims she describes herself as an artist; can she complete his picture without seeing her? Sahiba inquires as to who it is. Garry, the mysterious man, asks Sahiba whether she is eager to see her. Sahiba becomes terrified.