Teri Meri Doriyaann 4th December 2023 Episode 334

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Sahiba is waiting for a taxi. Mannat pulls over to the side of the road and asks if she may drop her anywhere. Sahiba questions what she’s doing here and refuses to accept her assistance. Mannat claims she stole Yash uncle’s college address and came to apologize for misbehaving with her during Angad and Sunny’s uncertainty. As an apology, she gives her a present. Sahiba refuses to accept it since she believes Mannat did nothing on purpose. Angad approaches Sahiba and inquires whether she called Mannat here. Sahiba requests that Mannat inform Angad that she did not call her and inquires as to what he is doing here. Angad claims he was passing by and considered dropping her off at home. He chooses her canvas and the stand. Mannat remarks that they both look too cute together and that she came here to apologize to Sahiba and may now also apologize to Angad for her misbehaving. Angad inquires as to why she refers to him as Angad rather than Sunny. Mannat apologizes for causing a commotion at his residence, asks Sahiba to take her present, and thanks her for handling the matter properly.

Sahiba expresses an interest in learning more about Sunny. Mannat claims that everything is in order between her and Sunny, that they will make their marriage announcement soon, and that they have planned a dinner party for tonight at a hotel, to which she invites them both. Angad says done, and he, too, is looking forward to meeting Sunny. Mannat thinks it would be fun to see Sunny and Angad together tonight; the party starts at 7 p.m. The mysterious man’s aide tells him that Angad and Sahiba will meet Sunny tonight at a dinner party. He laughs, and Angad slowly falls into the trap.

Jasleen checks her jewelry for her wedding and requests the fashion designer over the phone to give her gowns as soon as possible. The fashion designer inquires whether it is her daughter’s wedding. Jasleen becomes enraged and declares that it is her wedding. She inquires as to whether she is too young to marry. Prabjot quips that he only appears to be 22. Sahiba prepares for the gathering and asks Angad when he will arrive. He says he will be late since he is delayed with a customer officer’s inquiry and asks her to attend the party and stay with Yash until he arrives because he will also be at Mannat’s party. Jasleen dislikes any jewelry set and insists on the best, even if it is her second wedding. Seerat asks if she can make a suggestion. Jasleen questions her presence and insults her. Japjot intervenes. Seerat believes that a family jewelry, which Jasleen and Manveer gave her on the second day of their wedding, looks nice on Jasleen. Prabjot inquires if the necklace is still present or if she eloped with it. Japjot says it’s in Angad’s locker with her; she’ll obtain Akaal’s permission and ask him to get out of Angad’s locker. Seerat believes she does nothing without her benefit and believes Akaal will discover the locker’s passcode when he uses it.

Mannat’s party is attended by Sahiba. Parth greets her. Sahiba claims she believed it was merely a dinner party, but there are just too many people here. Parth claims Mannat is overjoyed and has invited 60 guests. Sahiba notices Sunny’s acquaintance from Mumbai and believes Angad should have seen everything. Mysterious appears behind Sahiba, who believes it is time to see the drama. Sunny is introduced by Mannat. The camera zooms in on him. Yash brushes up against Sahiba from behind. Sahiba misidentifies Angad and instead finds Yash. Yash inquires about Angad. Sahiba says he is too busy with essential duties and will return later. Yash describes Angad as a workaholic and expresses amazement that Sunny looks precisely like Angad. Sahiba suspects that something is awry. Yash says he feels the same way because Sunny left Mannat then returned unexpectedly, and he is astonished that Parth welcomed Sunny so easily.

Mannat and Sunny’s performance is announced by Parth. They both sing the song Aaj Ki Raat.. Akal enters Angad’s room with Japjot to access the locker using the passcode he was given. Seerat is spying on them. Sahiba steps aside to summon Angad. Because he possesses the diamond, the mysterious stranger proposes she spy on Sunny. She is following him. He plays hide and seek with her, making suggestions.

Sahiba creates paintings. The mysterious man’s voice claims she describes herself as an artist; can she complete his picture without seeing her? Sahiba inquires as to who it is. Garry, the mysterious man, asks Sahiba whether she is eager to see her. Sahiba becomes terrified.