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Manveer expresses concern about Angad to Akaal and Japjot. She claims that Angad is facing a mountain of issues, with financial losses on one side and Sunny Sood’s anxiety on the other. Akaal believes she shouldn’t be concerned about business because they never did anything illegal and were always ethical. Japjot agrees with Akaal that they should be concerned about Angad’s doppelganger Sunny Sood. Jasleen walks in and informs her parents that she needs to talk about something serious. Manveer asks her to discuss it later because Angad’s worries take precedence. Jasleen claims she was never essential to Manveer and that she can’t wait for Diwali to arrive in Manveer’s son’s life. She informs her parents that she married Yash against their wishes and then divorced him due to misunderstandings, but she wants to marry him again.

While traveling back home, Angad advises Sahiba to stay away from Sunny Sood’s problem. Veer calls and tells him that Yash has called and requested him to gather the entire family for upsetting news. Angad arrives home and awaits Yash. Jasleen is told by Akaal and Japjot that they need time to consider her decision. Inder expresses his happiness for Jasleen and pledges his support for her decision. Jasleen expresses gratitude to Inder. Inder inquires as to whether Yash is aware of the situation. Manveer claims that Jasleen abandoned Yash because he was poor and now wants him back since he is wealthy; will Yash forget that she abandoned him and took his children? Jasleen apologizes for disappointing her and expresses gratitude for her decision. The maid informs them that Yash has arrived and is summoning them downstairs.

The Brar family gathers in the living room and asks Yash if he has anything essential to announce. It’s about Veer, according to Yash. Hansraj remarks that Yash must have become Ludhiana’s most wanted man. Gurleen becomes enraged at her. Predictions are still being made. Yash shows off Veer’s poster and announces that he is launching Veer for his new album. That makes my family happy. They inquire as to when Veer auditioned. Yash recalls the incident at the Brar home. Veer has a tremendous opportunity, according to Jasleen. Veer’s family congratulates him. Yash requests that Veer sign a contract. According to Sahiba, this is the only nice thing that has happened since the recent occurrences. Angad gives Veer his lucky pen to sign his first contract. Veer eagerly signs the deal. Yash attempts to flee. Gurleen invites him to join the family for dinner. He looks at Jasleen, who nods in agreement.

Veer video calls Keerat to tell her that Yash has signed a singing contract with him. Keerat expresses her joy for him and hopes he fulfills her father’s challenge by marrying her. Yash had supper with the Brar family. His family lavishes him with food and expresses gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Jasleen brings up her marriage once more. Yash says he will not marry her unless her family agrees. According to Akaal, their marriage is approved. Jasleen is overjoyed. Angad expresses his joy for Jasleen and expresses his desire to perform her kanyadaan. Jasleen becomes moved as she witnesses his devotion for her. Sahiba waits for an auto to take him to college the next day. Mannat pulls over to the side of the road and asks if she may drop her anywhere. Sahiba inquires as to her purpose for being here. Mannat exits the vehicle and apologizes to her.

Sahiba creates paintings. The mysterious man’s voice claims she describes herself as an artist; can she complete his picture without seeing her? Sahiba inquires as to who it is. Garry, the mysterious man, asks Sahiba whether she is eager to see her. Sahiba becomes terrified.