Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th November 2023 Episode 330

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The emotional turmoil escalates as Veer, overwhelmed with sadness, sings a soulful song, reminiscing the events of the day. Yash compliments his soulful voice, acknowledging its impact on his heart. Meanwhile, Sahiba tries to contact Angad, but he remains unreachable, lost in thoughts of the day’s incidents. Sahiba herself recalls the day’s drama, sending a message to Angad to return home.

In another part of the story, Mannat is engaged in a phone conversation as she walks out, indicating her intention to leave. The phone falls, catching Sahiba’s attention. Sahiba inquires about Angad from the watchman, who informs her that Angad hasn’t returned, but the lady who caused a scene earlier has left. Sahiba steps outside, spotting Mannat with a man dressed similarly to Angad. Speculating whether it’s Sunny, she questions the watchman, who confirms Mannat’s departure with a man. Sahiba follows Mannat and the man, suspecting it might be Sunny.

Parth, concerned about Mannat’s disappearance, informs the Brar family and apologizes for the disturbance. Jasleen suggests checking outside, leading Parth to find the door open. The family learns about Sahiba and Angad’s absence. Hansraj senses a significant problem and suggests searching for them.

Mannat, in distress, calls out for Sunny, while Sahiba questions her about his sudden departure. They hear a car starting nearby. Sahiba deduces that it’s coming from where Sunny disappeared. To their surprise, Angad arrives from the same direction. Confusion ensues as Mannat accuses Angad of being Sunny, and Sahiba defends Angad’s integrity. The Brar family, witnessing the drama, seems amused by Sahiba’s confidence.

Parth intensifies the situation by suggesting a call to the number Sunny used to contact Mannat, leading them to find the phone in Angad’s car. Parth accuses Angad of leading a double life and cheating both Sahiba and Mannat. The situation becomes tense as Angad confronts Parth, claiming innocence.

In the precap, Mannat calls Sahiba, inviting her to meet Sunny. Sahiba, without informing Angad, rushes to meet Mannat and is shocked to encounter Angad’s doppelganger, Sunny. The storyline continues to unravel, leaving the characters and viewers in suspense about the unfolding events.