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Sahiba tells Angad that she absolutely knows that junoon-e-dil diamond is with Yash and Yash is utilizing Garry for his profit. Angad asks why does she believe so. Sahiba says she saw Yash speaking aggressively to Garry, he thinks Garry as his slave. Angad feels Garry deserves it, he just is afraid for his family now. They hear Santosh and Ajith’s voice and walk out. Santosh and Ajith deliver food for Brars and request them to come and stay at their residence. Ajith says their house is little, but they may stay there till they want to. Akal says they treasure their heart. Ajith adds they brought food for them. Angad thinks they should respect Mongas’ request. Brars start having food. Simran says she needs more pooris to save it for tomorrow. Keerat says she can have as many pooris she likes today and will also get fresh ones tomorrow. Simran feels happy.

Sahiba goes to get water for everyone when a wardboy pulls her into a store room and locks it from outside. Sahiba shouts at him to open the door. Garry walks to her. Sahiba cries at him to keep away from her and summons Angad. Garry stops her mouth and says he is here to talk to her. She picks a mop and warns him to stay away. Garry claims she was right regarding his mom and dad, his dad viciously humiliates him while his mom enormously loves him; he noticed that his dad doesn’t love anybody else but himself. Sahiba says why is he telling this to her. Garry says as his dad was humiliating him, complete staff witnessed it and was joking and filming his movie. He shows that footage to Sahiba. Sahiba says she heard his dad telling his aide that he will kick Garry out of his life, soon his duty is finished. Garry says he hurt his mom because of his dad. Sahiba thinks he lost his actual fortune, his family, due of the sham lavish life.

Brars finish food. Ajith asks Angad why he is not taking meals. Angad says he is waiting for Sahiba to return who has gone to buy water for everyone. Sahiba returns. Ajith requests Brars again to come and stay in his house. Akaal adds they would return to Brar mansion after Jasleen gets well as they can’t allow Yash take over it again. Inder believes they need to do something to Yash and teach him a lesson. Sahiba tells Angad that she want to show him something and brings her to the store room again. Angad finds inspector Megha there and wonders what is she doing here. Sahiba says she is coming to aid them. Megha explains she was working for Yash, but now wants to help him. Angad vows he will not fall for her deception again. Sahiba says she has Megha’s secret and will expose it in court if Megha doesn’t help them. Megha says Sahiba can’t do that and claims Yash is going to do something which Angad has to stop and expose him.

Jasleen gets awareness. Akaal and Japjot soothe her and explain the present circumstances. They convey that they are returning to Brar mansion to stop Yash from taking over it and leave Hansraj and Prabjot with Jasleen. Yash tells his aide that tonight he would sell diamond to his Russian client and get a significant cash in return. Aide asks what about Brars. Yash says he will take think about them later, but first he is ready to finish diamond sale.

Precap: Parth dressed as airport staff presents diamond suitcase on a cart to a Russian client. Angad posing as a police office claims he needs that trolley. Parth picks bag and runs away. Russian captures Angad and phones security stating this man has a gun.