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Mannat inquires as to what Sahiba wishes to discuss. Sahiba informs her that she wishes to ask her about Sunny. Mannat inquires as to the nature of the queries. Sahiba inquires whether she has any questions. Mannat claims there are plenty, but Sunny will go when he wants. Sahiba claims he rushed away yesterday after seeing her, and she doubts he will return. Mannat claims that Sunny returned to her life with difficulties, and that Sahiba should not ruin her happiness. Sahiba believes she needs to speak with Sunny directly and closes Mannat’s bathroom door from the outside. She then approaches Sunny and asks if she can sit with him because Keerat will be late. Sunny claims that ignoring a gorgeous girl’s request is a crime, and she refuses to do it. He inquires as to Mannat’s whereabouts. Sahiba claims she has stomach pains and is still in the restroom. He attempts to flee. She invites him to sit while the women use the restroom. He takes a seat and orders her jasmine-flavored green tea.

Sahiba wonders how he knows she prefers jasmine tea. He claims she is wearing jasmine perfume and that he can determine her taste in scent. She inquires as to where he resides. He claims to be a traveler and that the entire world is his home. She inquires as to what he does. He claims to have several enterprises. She inquires if he sells jewels. He responds, “Why not if it’s special?” Mannat notices the door is locked from the outside and asks for assistance. Someone pushes open the door. She returns to Sunny and claims that the door was locked. Sahiba takes action and wonders who might have done this. Sunny asks Sahiba if he can leave now that her questions have been answered. Mannat becomes enraged with Sahiba and asks if she shut the door. Sunny tells her to relax and compliments her on her beautiful smile. She beams.

As he is staying in room 11002, the waiter gives him the bill and asks him to sign it. Sunny approves it. Sahiba goes away after saying she will call Keerat. She collides with a waiter. Sunny expresses his unexpected concern and inquires whether she is wounded. Sahiba claims to be alright. Mannat and Sunny part ways. Sahiba believes he acted just like Angad and contacts Angad to see whether Angad is playing Sunny. She receives a response stating that he is in a meeting and will call her back. Seerat enters Angad’s room and searches for a locker to complete the mystery man’s mission. She discovers a locker and attempts to open it using passcodes given by an unknown stranger, but all attempts fail.

Sunny drives Mannat in his car and calls her “sweet heart.” Mannat claims he used to call her Hon, which is short for honey. Sunny claims to be near to his heart, which is such a wonderful heart. She wonders where he has been all these days. He claims he needed to complete some outstanding work. She requests permission to hold a party to celebrate his return. He holds his hand out and says whatever she wants. He realizes her engagement ring has gone missing and inquires about it. Mannat claims she went to Angad’s residence to confront him because he resembles Sunny, but Angad snatched it from her and said it was his. Sunny becomes enraged with her and declares that he must punish Angad for misbehaving with him. Seetat contacts the strange man and confronts him about providing her incorrect passcodes. He requests that she obtain the passcode from Angad. She wonders if he’s gone insane. He hangs up the phone.

Sahiba arrives at Angad’s office and inquires about him with Pam. Pam said he is not at the office but will be there soon. Sahiba believes he texted that he is in a meeting. She is expecting him at his cabin. He returns and inquires as to whether she attended college. She says no and that he has no idea who Mannat met. Sunny, he says. She wonders how he knew it was Sunny. He claims that Sunny met Mannat last night, and that he knew Sunny would meet her again, so he placed his spy behind Mannat, who notified him that Mannat met Sunny and that Sahiba was present. He questions why she is interfering in this matter when he has explicitly warned her to stay away from him. She questions why he didn’t come when he knew Sunny was there. Angad claims that he does not act without thinking like her and makes a calculated move. She disagrees with him, and their debate continues.

Sahiba creates paintings. The mysterious man’s voice claims she describes herself as an artist; can she complete his picture without seeing her? Sahiba inquires as to who it is. Garry, the mysterious man, asks Sahiba whether she is eager to see her. Sahiba becomes terrified.