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Angad whips Sahiba for meeting Mannat despite his warning. Seerat usually says Sahiba the opposite of what Angad says. Sahiba claims she went to see Mannat for the sake of Angad. Mannat informs Angad that Sahiba is plotting against her and wants her to believe he is Angad rather than Sunny, but they will not fall into Sahiba’s trap. Sahiba claims she did not set any traps and simply told the truth. Yash informs Mannat that he was present when Sahiba came to meet her, that Sahiba said nothing inappropriate, that he has known Angad since childhood, and that he is not Sunny. Mannat claims she thought he was her buddy, but he is also deceiving her. Brars requests that Parth pick up his sister from there.

Inder warns Mannat that someone who looks like Angad might have deceived her, but Angad is different. Gurleen claims that Angad married Sahiba in a holy temple and that he is not Sunny. Hansraj instructs Parth to take his sister from there and look for Sunny elsewhere. Mannat is still bothering Angad. Angad grabs her hand, drags her to her car, and tells her she must leave from there. Mannat passes out. Brars accept her and the doctor treats her. Japjot claims that a lot happened but that no one told her about it. Manveer, in her customary snide tone, blames Sahiba. Mannat is in shock, with increased heart rate and blood pressure, and requires rest, according to the doctor.


Parth informs Brars that he has informed them that his sister is not insane. Brars wonders why he doesn’t look for Sunny somewhere. Parth claims he looked everywhere for Sunny but couldn’t find him. He requests that Mannat wake up and rest at Yash’s residence. Doctor requests that he not bother her and that she be allowed to rest. Yash says he’ll leave right now. Jasleen is with him. Angad instructs servants to relocate Mannat and Parth to the guest room and ensure their safety.


Angad then confronts Sahiba, asking why she interfered in his diamond and Sunny Sood case when he told her not to. Manveer said Sahiba is used to it. Inder questions Sahiba about why she didn’t inform Angad about her visit to Mannat. Prabjot cries at Sahiba that she says one thing and then does another, getting them into trouble, and that she should spare them now. Manveer claims that Sahiba caused Mannat to suspect that Angad is Sunny. Angad questions Sahiba about how she met Mannat. Sahiba claims she doesn’t see Angad tense and hence wants to clear the air. Manveer questions why she kept it hidden and didn’t tell even Angad, Brar family bahu went to see an outsider and others know about it but not the Brars, Sahiba is trying to discredit the Brar family.


Sahiba informs Angad that if she had obtained Sunny’s information, she would have notified him first, but she was unable to obtain any information from Mannat. Angad questions how she will locate information if she is a detective and his professional investigators are unable to do so. Sahiba believes he is uninterested in researching this matter. Angad questions why he would sit quietly, claiming that she should not have done so. Japjot claims that their family is going through a difficult time; did she inform Yash and Mannat that the diamond was a forgery and that they are in financial trouble? Sahiba questions why she would share their family’s problems to them. She informs Angad that she is his life partner and is concerned about him, therefore he was attempting to assist him.


Angad encourages her to assist him by remaining away from the situation and safeguarding herself from any danger; he firmly advises her to do so, but she refuses and disappoints him. Sahiba requests that he listen to her once. Angad refuses to speak and requests that she leave him alone. Hearing that, Seerat smiles. Jasleen informs Yash that she has requested maid Sukhdeep fetch Mannat’s medications. Sukhdeep brings drugs. Jasleen requests that she deliver it to Parth. Yash informs her that he had no idea Mannat loved Sunny so much. Jasleen claims that love is unpredictable; she proposed to him and he did not respond. Yash claims to be prepared for this. Jasleen is thrilled and adds that if all of these problems didn’t exist, she would tell her father about them. Yash explains that after everything is resolved, they will talk to her parents about it. She embraces him.


While Sahiba tries to talk to him, Angad gets into his car and drives away. Sahiba remembers his warning yet calls him constantly, but he does not answer.


Precap: Mannat calls Sahiba and says she wants to meet Sunny and that she can come here. Sahiba arrives at Mannat without alerting Angad and is astounded to discover Angad’s double Sunny.