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Keerat accepts that she loves Veer and has feelings for him in the same way that he has feelings for her. Everyone is stunned after hearing that. Jasleen mocks that there is fire on both sides. Seerat questions Keerat about the nonsense she is spewing. Keerat claims she is telling the truth, and she also adores Veer. Gurleen lashes Ajith and Santosh with her tongue and asks what they want to say now. Santosh chastises Keerat for making her parents look foolish in front of Brars. Manveer mocks Ajith and claims that his daughter has committed a transgression. Nobody, according to Sahiba, is a sinner here. According to Angad, they are all dear ones who should resolve this matter gently. Manveer shouts, “Since when did Mongas become his dear ones?” He can’t perceive Keerat’s trapping of Veer.

Veer claims that no one is trapped here, that he and Keerat love one other, and that there should be no more doubt. Veer grew from a little tot to a roaring tiger, according to Hansraj. Gurleen lashes Veer with her tongue and claims Keerat is entrapping him for his money. Jaspal instructs her to speak softly and calmly because Veer is no longer a child. Angad invites Veer and Keerat to accompany him and speak with him. Manveer instructs him to say whatever comes to mind. Inder says they all want to listen and that he would talk to Veer and Keerat about it.

Gurleen claims Veer let her down by disobeying her and choosing a girl who is unsuited to be her DIL. Keerat says Gurleen’s concern for her son is understandable, but if she doesn’t want her to be her DIL because she is from the Monga family; she says even Sahiba is a Monga and reminds her that only she supported Sahiba when he arrived to his house and only she wished Sahiba success when he started arts school. Gurleen says she doesn’t mind Keerat becoming a Monga, but she does mind her becoming a Brar DIL since she lacks fashion sense and dresses like a man.

Ajith and Santosh caution her to watch her language and claim Veer is inappropriate for Keerat because he has nothing in his favor other than being a Brar, and singing for passion is not enough for Keerat, who is attempting to become a state level wrestler. Ajith claims they are humiliating his son in his own home. Angad also claims that they are demeaning Veer, his bright sibling who he believes will do great things one day. Sahiba adds that they cannot speak to Veer in this manner. Ajith claims they said the truth. Prabjot says enough of their nonsense, while roadside food stall merchants discuss the Brar family. Japjot asks her to relax. Prabjot says she will not accept anyone disparaging her family, while Santosh conspired to marry her two daughters in the Brar family and is now attempting to do the same with her third daughter.

Santosh claims she recognizes her error and is working to correct it. Veer acknowledges Ajith and Santosh’s worry for Keerat and resolves to work hard and earn his own name before marrying Keerat. Santosh and Ajith remove Keerat from the scene.

Precap: Mannat calls Sahiba and says she wants to meet Sunny and that she can come here. Sahiba arrives at Mannat without alerting Angad and is astounded to discover Angad’s double Sunny.