Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th december 2023 Episode 356

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Brars sit outside Brar mansion gate protesting against Yash and Garry’s nefarious ambitions. Simran returns from school and asks Inder what is happening. Inder said a few evil people want to harm them and we are showing them that we will not let them succeed in their evil motto. Yash heads towards his car saying he will see till when they will continue their drama. Garry teases Brars that at last they came on road. Angad promises they will demolish Garry and his father’s terrible schemes. Yash instructs Garry and goon to make sure Brars don’t receive media notice or else it will be bad for us. Garry assures him. Yash exits claiming he will do something now which will shock Brars more.

Japjot’s condition deteriorates. Family feels concerned for her and encourages her not to lose her hope. Japjot says she can’t handle it. Veer takes her to the car to relax. Brars then observe Garry getting something scribbled on the wall. Simran reads this property.. Garry says this land belongs to Sri Yashraj Baweja who is Garry Baweja’s father. Angad sends Simran to the car and throws paint on the wall. He confronts Garry for his puppetry act and claims even though evil, he used to think for himself, but now he is Yash’s puppet and follows his boss’ orders. Garry says that he is incredibly frustrated after losing everything.

Manveer interferes and asks Garry to stop arguing with his brother and remembers that she bought them up together equally. Garry asks if she wants a reward for being his aaya and tosses money on her. Brars stand surprised watching that. Agnad gives Garry a tight slap. Garry falls down and challenge Angad for a fight. Angad accepts his challenge and says he would impart a lesson to Garry today. They each reenact Animal movie’s battle sequence with it’s accompanying music.

Angad overpowers Garry at first and beats him mercilessly, pins him to a wall and says he will wash this wall with Garry’s blood. Jasleen urges Angad to spare Garry as he is gravely damaged. Angad spares Garry.

Garry recognizes a chance and strikes Angad. Their brawl continues with them violently harming each other. Neighbors observe their battle and worry either one of them will die. Jasleen holds Garry and asks him to stop. Manveer adds Garry displays his unclean blood at last by attacking his own brother. Garry pushes her away and tries to attack Angad again. Inder rushes away and brings Sahiba in to stop the fight. Sahiba returns and is startled to see their condition.

Precap: Yash brings bulldozers to demolish Brar mansion and claims he would show them how it feels to be homeless. Angad advises him to back off or address the issue via legal means or else he will do something which will ruin his own love and kill Yash. Whole family stand in front of the gate.