Teri Meri Doriyaann 24th November 2023 Episode 324

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Japjot informs the family that, with God’s grace, everything is well now. They would thank God tonight by going to the gurudwara. By God’s grace, she claims, the diamond is sold without any problems. After seeing Veer’s video, Seerat announces some unfortunate news. Prabjot claims that Seeat always begins by breaking negative news. Seerat plays a video of a coach hitting Veer and warns that Veer is in trouble. When Gurleen witnesses her son being severely beaten, she becomes terrified. It’s Keerat’s wrestling academy, according to Seerat. Jasleen queries if Veer is studying wrestling after seeing Keerat’s videos and abandoning singing and business. If she is unable to talk clearly, Akaal tells her to be quiet and that their son is being beaten and that they must discipline him.

When Sahiba enters the room with Veer, Keerat, and Yash and informs them they don’t need to go anyplace, Angad and Jaspal are on their way to the academy. Veer’s family is taken aback by his condition and wonders how it happened. Sahiba advises allowing Veer to calm down first. According to Yash, Veer attacked Keerat’s instructor in order to preserve Keerat’s honor. His family queries his meaning. According to Yash, Keerat’s coach mistreated him. After learning of this, Veer proceeded to correct the coach. According to Sahiba, Yash is Keerat’s wrestling team’s sponsor. He fired the coach and brought justice to Veer and Keerat.

Thanking Yash, Jasleen claims he saved Brar’s other son this time. Yash claims he was able to save the Brar sons but not his own son Garry. Japjot thanks him on behalf of the entire family and adds it’s not his fault. When Yash receives a call, it’s Rumi having another panic attack and frantically contacting Sahiba from all across the hospital. Yash accepts the blessings from Japjot and Akaal and departs. Sahiba is asked by family to clarify what actually transpired. According to Sahiba, Veer is Keerat’s friend, and he lost control and punished her after finding out that coach had been abusing her. Family wonders why he became so worried about Seerat.

Veer finally concedes that he loves Keerat after much prodding. Hearing it, Gurleen feels lightheaded. Family members run to her in distress. There is drama. Keerat is asked by Gurleen if she was aware of it. Keerat declines. Keerat is asked by Inder if she also likes Veer. Keerat is dragged out of the house by Gurleen as she yells at her for trapping her son. The drama never stops.

Summary: Mannat gives Sahiba a call and tells her that she can come meet Sunny as she was excited to do so.
Without telling Angad, Sahiba arrives in Mannat and is startled to meet Sunny, Angad’s twin.