Teri Meri Doriyaann 24th december 2023 Episode 354

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Yashraj enters the Brar home while dancing to music. Brar is enraged as he watches this. Angad tells him to quit his theatrics and leave; he deceived them and is back. Yash claims to be an old school type who doesn’t use social media and celebrates to the fullest; he claims ownership of the Brar mansion and plans to demolish it and replace it with the Baweja Tower. He instructs architects to carefully examine the space and record measurements because he desires a larger swimming pool and a tall tower over it. He tells Brars that he exacted his vengeance on them and will watch them from his high tower as ants, as he has done now. Angad lashes out fiercely at him. Inder intervenes. Yash claims that his elder BIL is wise and would have arrested Angad for attempting to hurt him.

Yash tells his troops to destroy everything in the Brar mansion. Angad is the first to respond, followed by Akaal and others. Inder takes Akaal in his arms and asks for his trust. Japjot is injured. Yash then attempts to smash the Brar family photo. Sahiba takes it from him, declaring that he is incapable of breaking her family and that he has no right to do so in our home. Yash appears to be terrified. Sahiba orders him to take his goons and leave. Yash then asks what she would do and instructs the men to continue smashing things. Gurleen is the next victim. Jaspal and Veer respond. Angad threatens Yash’s life.

Sahiba pulls out an iron rod and threatens to strike Yash. Yash’s goons encircle him. Brars support Sahiba. Sahiba claims that Yash recently sent a notice stating that they must quit the residence in two days, therefore they have two days; she would break Yash’s bones if he does not go. Yash said he is not scared of her empty threats. Even after getting everything, Sahiba says he is broke and alone; their entire family will always stand together, but no one will stand with Yash; Yash spent his entire life trying to destroy Brars and is still alone; he can’t break their unity because they don’t break someone’s heart or betray anyone like him; his pets will bite him if he doesn’t feed them for a week; he was poor then and still is.

Yash tells Goon to stop listening to the nonsense speech and start breaking things. Sahiba threatens the goons not to do it again or she will break their hands. Other Brar members take up items and threaten Yash’s team. Akaal claims he trained them not to bother anyone and to never spare those who bother them.

Precap: Sahiba asks the judge for help in stopping the eviction orders from the Brar mansion. The judge walks away, stating that he does not advise anyone in this manner. According to Angad, they just have two days left. Sahiba claims that they purposely received orders during the weekend.