Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd November 2023 Episode 323

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When Sahiba pays Yash a visit, he apologizes for upsetting him. Saying it’s alright, Yash inquires as to whether she came to discuss Rumi. Sahiba claims that Mannat is how she first learned about Sunny. Yash said that Mannat is disturbed from yesterday and has been sobbing nonstop; he brought Parth and Mannat to the Brar residence by error. Sahiba claims that Angad was able to regain his gem as a result of his good deeds. She asks him to allow her to meet Mannat so they may work out Sunny’s riddle. After agreeing, Yash drives her to Mannat.

Mannat queries Yash as to why he brought Sahiba along. According to Yash, Sahiba is curious about Sunny. Mannat becomes adamant that Sahiba stole Sunny from her, calling Angad the real Sunny. Sahiba displays news clippings on Angad and claims that Angad was the person she met yesterday. Some articles, according to Mannat, may be fraudulent. Why is there no information on Sunny on the internet or social media, Sahiba queries. Mannat claims to be a reserved individual. According to Sahiba, Sunny’s pals mistook Angad for Sunny when he was talking about how energetic he is. She claims that Sunny is quite different from what Mannat claims, based on the reports she has received and what Mannat is saying. Mannat continues to withhold any information. As Sahiba departs from Yash’s residence, she discovers Keerat’s wrestling academy. She queries Keerat’s pal regarding her. According to a friend, Keerat hasn’t shown up for practice in a while. Then, Sahiba messages Keerat to meet her immediately.

Malhotras purchases a junoon-e-dil diamond from Angad. Malhotras queries why he would want to part with the diamond when he was so eager to add it to his collection. According to Angad, the timing and circumstances are not in his favor, and the first thing he thought of selling it was their name. The diamond is purchased by them.

At Cafe Bliss, Keerat waits for Veer. After receiving Sahiba’s message, she responds by telling her that she is at Cafe Bliss. Veer approaches her and serenades her with the song “Khairiyath Poocho.” Girls ask for his number and compliment his singing. They may follow him on social media, he says. They take a selfie with him. How was Keerat’s song, Veer asks? Although Keerat didn’t ask for it, she claims it was good. He grinned. He ought to go by Happy Singh, she argues. If it helps her to calm down, he urges her to let her frustrations out on him, telling her that it’s a good name. She keeps arguing with him. Would she like some chocolate milk, he asks? How does he know, she wonders. He claims Sahiba is where he got it. He gets her some chocolate milk.

When Sahiba sees Keerat, she inquires as to if Veer brought her. Keerat claims he was hoping to see her. Sahiba wonders if she upset them and why she isn’t going to the wrestling academy. Keerat describes the coach’s actions in detail. After overhearing their chat, Veer decides to punish Keerat since he believes she was concealing a great deal of sorrow. Keerat is informed by Sahiba that she will confront the coach and bring her to the academy. After abusing Keerat, they witness Veer beating the coach. Despite Keerat’s attempts to stop him, he persists. Coach overwhelms him. Keerat begs the coach not to hurt Veer. Keerat is pushed aside by Coach, and she stumbles against a dumbbell, hurting her forehead. Sahiba comes running to her aid. She is asked to save Veer by Keerat. Veer threatens to kill the coach after hitting him with a dumbbell. He is stopped by Keerat, who threatens to kill him. Veer claims not to give a damn. Nonetheless, Keerat claims that she loves him.

Coach describes Keerat as lacking in morality and charges her of having an extramarital affair, alleging that she was molested by Veer. Sahiba slaps him and claims that when she challenged him, she found out that he had been harassing Keerat and had barred her from the national championship list. Coach maintains his position. Yash enters. This girl is falsely accusing him, according to Coach. What is he doing here, Sahiba queries. After speaking with Keerat and Sahiba, Yash declares that he is funding this wrestling association and fires the academy’s instructor.

Summary: Mannat gives Sahiba a call and tells her that she can come meet Sunny as she was excited to do so.
Without telling Angad, Sahiba arrives in Mannat and is startled to meet Sunny, Angad’s twin.