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Garry had a night out with his friends and flirts with a girl. Sahiba approaches him. Garry gives her a smirk. Sahiba believes that, just as he is relived after death, he should also relive his conscience. Garry claims he came here to congratulate him. Sahiba claims that his greed has driven him away from his family. Garry expresses gratitude that she came here to impart her moral gyaan, but he is dissatisfied that Angad brought her here rather than himself going to deal with him. Sahiba claims she came here herself and would never interact with him even in her wildest dreams; she believes Angad will reclaim everything that belongs to him. That, he claims, is her delusion. She claims that only wonderful things happen to good people, and she is confident that Angad will reclaim everything. He states unequivocally that he is resuming his good life and partying.

Sahiba claims she has come to confront him about his treatment of his mother. Garry claims he doesn’t want to hear about his mother because he is content without her. Sahiba inquires whether he believes he is truly happy after leaving his mother in anguish. She claims Jasleen is in a state of shock after seeing her son’s treachery; he is partying here while his mother sobs uncontrollably without a drop of water. Garry becomes agitated and urges her to stop. Sahiba claims that his mother stood by him in all his good and bad activities and raised her alone despite all the challenges, whereas his father has never visited him in all these years and asked how he is. Yash steps in and asks whether she came to celebrate their accomplishment. Sahiba confronts him and asks why he didn’t see Garry all these years and then reappeared unexpectedly to exact revenge on his ex-wife. Yash requests that she quit her drama. Sahiba keeps confronting Garry. Garry cautiously attempts to depart from there. Sahiba then informs Yash that divorcing a son from his mother will never be forgiven by God. Yash begs her to leave and tell Jasleen that she previously abandoned him because he was unfit for her, and now he has abandoned her because she is unfit for him. Sahiba then departs from there.

Angad sobs as he recalls the recent happenings. Sahiba approaches him and inquires about his well-being. Yes, he says. She claims that his wet shirt from crying reveals how much pain he is in. Angad sobs while hugging her and says he can’t sustain his family. He blames himself for impersonating Sunny and causing problems for his entire family. Sahiba requests that he not blame himself. Angad believes she must believe she is always in difficulties since marrying him. Sahiba assures him that they will both sail through this crisis. She encourages him to quit blaming himself and support his family; they haven’t had food since the crisis arrived, and it’s their responsibility to provide for them. She instructs the maid to serve lunch and summons everyone to the dining hall. Angad wonders where she gets her courage. From God, says Sahiba. They are perplexed when they hear music.

Precap: Yash enters the Baweja home while dancing to music. Angad warns him to quit his theatrics, saying how can he come here. Yash claims he wants to show everyone that the Brar mansion is now his, and that he plans to demolish it and build the Baweja Tower soon.