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Brars come out of their office heart crushed. Employees also walk out of office behind them. Garry asks how will they manage without employees. Yash said they are middle class folks and their necessities would bring them back to work. He wonders if he is happy now. Garry says he always wanted to take over Angad’s place and his dad fulfilled his desire. He excitedly hugs Yash and says I love you dad. Yash doesn’t reciprocate well. Garry asks what will they do with Brars now. Yash says Brar are for a surprise when they come home.

In car, Akaal says he didn’t realize that Yashraj has so much poison against them in his mind, they fed a snake thinking him as human. Angad said whatever occurred is not his error, Yashraj misused his goodness, they would continue to walk on the right way and fight for justice, he shouldn’t lose faith as he is their courage. Sahiba also encourages Akaal. They reach home and observes Japjot, Gurleen and others standing at the gate reading a note. Angad reads the document and says Yash has sent a notice to evacuate the house. Manveer argues this cannot happen.

Jasleen returns to Brar Jeweler’s office. Garry asks her to go out. Jasleen replies he can do that and says she wants to know where was he all these days and with mom. Garry says she always made him feel superior and asked him to follow Angad, she kept him away from his dad, etc. Jasleen says his dad sent a notice to quit Brar mansion, does he want her to remain shelterless. Garry thinks dad didn’t inform him about it and says dad did right, this is the right manner to teach a lesson to Brars. Jasleen thinks his dad has poisoned his mind against her. Yash returns. Jasleen confronts him. Yash says she is a greedy woman who left him when he was poor and now wants to come back in his life when he is affluent; she believes he is a prince who will get her out of her issues, but he is here to annoy her. Jasleen claims she thought everything was refixed between them. Yash says it was her misunderstanding and he merely exploited her to seek his revenge on Brars.

Brar’s lawyer tells them they can’t ask for stay order as it’s Friday and court would resume only on Monday. Gurleen said Yash intentionally issued them notice on Friday to upset them. Akaal says they will wait but will not bend in front of Yash. Manveer runs to her room crying. Angad steps behind her. Manveer demonstrates her devotion to the house and believes Yash wants to grab their house from them. Angad promises to put everything right. Jasleen arrives home distraught and tells Japjot that Yash manipulated her to harm them and Garry hates her now. Japjot and Sahiba comfort her. Garry arranges a pool party to her friends. Sahiba reaches there.

Precap: Sahiba meets Garry and says she needs something from him. Garry says now she would certainly beg him as he had Angad’s house, business, celebrity, etc.; what does she have. Sahiba claims she has his mother, will he listen to her now.