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Yash informs Angad that he has called a board meeting to announce the appointment of a new MD who would lead Brar Jewelers going forward, as he is now the company’s legitimate owner. He presents Brars to the individual occupying Angad’s chair. It shocks Brars to see Garry still alive. Upon seeing her son alive, Jasleen becomes emotional. Who can murder him, asks Garry?

Hansraj queries whether they are seeing a ghost or if Garry is indeed alive. Seerat becomes anxious, fearing that if Garry finds out that she assisted him in obtaining the company’s confidential document, she will be in hot water. If Garry is still alive, why didn’t he come back to them, Akaal asks. Jasleen gives way. Here is Brar Jeweler’s new MD, says Yash. Brars understand that Yashraj and Garry tricked them and that Angad and Sahiba were correct.

Since he still owns the bulk of the company, Akaal says he will appoint Angad as MD. Garry claims that since he and Yash now jointly hold more than 50% of the shares and that Akaal did not count his shares, the Bawejas are the new owners. He arrogantly rests his feet on a table. Saying he won’t be spared, Angad pins him to a wall. He should leave Garry, Yash warns.

Similarly, brars say. Angad claims that Megha was carrying out Yash’s instructions and attempting to coerce him into signing paperwork after Yash had previously sent him to jail. Sahiba removes Angad. This time, Akaal claims he had changed his mind after realizing that Yash was a liar and could go to any lengths, but Yash had previously shown him to be correct.

Yash claims that up until now, he has been referring to him as a nice son, but that it was Baweja’s destiny to destroy them and Brars’ destiny to perish. He and Garry both exult. Jasleen thanks God that he brought her son back alive, lavishes Garry with attention, and expresses her amazement that he is standing in front of her.

Garry tells Brars that he doesn’t want to maintain a relationship with them and that she shouldn’t believe him. He is asked to stop saying it by Jasleen, who expresses her shock at learning of his death and requests an embrace from his mother. Garry adds, “This woman is referring to herself as his mother. She ought to take after her father and learn how to love a child.” Jasleen used to constantly lash out at him, and she treated the Brars like nothing, so they ought to leave the area immediately. To get them to go, Yash phones security.

Akaal is sleepy. Holding him, Veer and Angad inquire as to his well-being. Akaal claims to be right. With anger, Angad approaches Garry. Garry tells security to remove everyone and follow their MD’s instructions. They remain still. Yash advises them to obey their new MD’s instructions if they wish to keep their employment. Brar Jewelers will never be part of Angad’s organization, he claims, but Garry can’t gain their respect after stealing their business by deception. He informs Akaal that they should leave now because he is no longer able to see Akaal’s humiliation.

Jasleen reaches out to Garry to talk. Garry motions for her to go. Her family removes her. Garry gives Seerat credit for getting him to the boss’s chair. Brars advances approaching the entrance. Workers around them. Angad assures them they won’t have to put up with the father-son scammers for very long and they won’t have to quit their jobs to support him. Employees claim they work for him and will resign if he leaves. The Brar family walks ahead of them all.


Sahiba introduces herself to Garry and tells him she needs something. Garry adds, “Now that he has Angad’s house, business, fame, etc., she would obviously beg him; what does she have?” Will he now listen to Sahiba when she claims to have his mother?