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The judge declares that Angad’s bail is revoked because neither he nor his attorney presented any evidence in support of him. The judge is stopped when Sahiba and Mannat enter. She informs him that she has proof of someone complicit in a plot to harm Angad. The judge queries her identity. Saying that Mannat was a part of a plot against Angad, Sahiba claims to be Angad’s wife. Mannat is asked to enter the dais by the judge. Mannat enters Dais and claims that although Angad attempted to pose as Sunny’s fiancée and convince him that Sunny exists, she did not construct Sunny’s persona.

Why isn’t she taking Yash and Garry’s names, Sahiba queries? Does she follow Yash’s orders, Mr. Dhillon, the defense attorney, queries. Mannat claims that Yash is unaware of her work. She’s lying, Sahiba claims. Mr Dhillon inquires as to whether Garry gave her the order. Mannat queries Garry, saying Angad is innocent and that she was the one who gave Sunny her identity. Mr. Dhillon queries her motivation.

Mannat remains mute. The judge directs the police to detain Mannat and do an additional investigation on her. He claims that although Mannat’s proof demonstrated Angad’s innocence and that he is not Sunny Sood, his diamond case will go forward. If he agrees to assist with the investigation and keep the city updated, he may be granted bail. Angad gives a nod of approval.

Megha informs the judge that Sahiba ought to face charges as she deceived the police and fled from house arrest. The judge states that because Megha neglected to adequately investigate the situation, the victims were forced to conduct their independent investigation. He says the police department is embarrassed by Megha’s actions and gives her immediate instructions to lift the Brar family’s home imprisonment. Calling the subordinate, Megha gives the order to lift house arrest and go back to the police station.

Angad gives Sahiba a heartfelt hug. Sahiba says she obtained bail for him and will shortly release him from all of the accusations. Brars celebrate learning that Angad has been granted bail. Jasleen walks over to thank Yash for keeping their company afloat. Seerat leaves the room to see if Garry has messaged or contacted her, but he is not there. She erases every communication he’s ever sent. Calling Manveer, Sahiba lets her know that she left Angad and will be returning home shortly.

Angad’s attorney advises him to get to his office right away since something occurred there. Akaal receives a call as well, telling the family that they must hurry to the office quickly. When they all get to work, they are relieved to see Angad go. Why did Akaal call a board meeting without warning, Angad queries. Akaal claims not to have. And who, Angad wonders? Yash arrives by car.

What is this man doing here, Angad wonders. Jasleen cautions him to treat Yash properly because he kept their company afloat. What does she mean, Sahiba wonders? Says Yash, let’s enter and talk. Everybody enters. Angad queries why this man is here and why they are talking to him. As a result of Brar Jewelers’ arrest, Akaal reports, the company’s shares were worthless, and they were forced to sell them to Yash to keep themselves afloat. Yash claims to be the current owner of Brar Jewelers and to have convened a board meeting to appoint the company’s new CEO, who will take over going forward.


Sahiba introduces herself to Garry and tells him she needs something. Garry claims that since he owns Angad’s home, businesses, etc., she would surely beg him now. What does she own? Will he now listen to Sahiba when she claims to have his mother?