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The Brars are shocked to discover Sunny’s phone in Angad’s bag. Parth accuses Angad of deceiving both Sahiba and Mannat, and in his anger, tries to hit Angad. However, Angad stops him, stating that he is sparing him as a guest. He denies knowledge of the phone in his bag and dismisses the accusations. Sahiba vouches for Angad’s honesty, while Mannat questions Angad’s behavior, especially since he himself called her out.

Parth threatens to call the police, but Angad challenges him to do so, expressing frustration with the ongoing drama. Mannat, convinced of Angad’s guilt, decides to leave with Parth, declaring she won’t return until Angad seeks her out. The Brars discuss the drama, with Jaspal expressing relief that Mannat and Parth won’t return. However, Inder is concerned about the unresolved issue of Sunny Sood.

The next day, Sahiba shares her worry with Keerat about Angad, who left home in the morning and isn’t answering her calls. Keerat suggests it’s a serious matter and appreciates Sahiba’s help in resolving her coach’s issue. Sahiba expresses concern about Angad’s involvement in the ongoing mystery of Sunny Sood.

Angad, with Sunny’s phone in hand, walks away. Sahiba visits Keerat, expressing her concern about Angad’s whereabouts. Sahiba mentions that Angad warned her not to get involved, but she is worried. Keerat advises her to forget about it, thanking Sahiba for her support in resolving the coach’s issue. Sahiba remains determined to solve the mystery of Sunny Sood.

Meanwhile, Angad’s doppelganger, Sunny, is seen shopping for clothes at a boutique. He flirts with the salesgirl and hints at making the game more interesting. He calls Mannat, apologizes for the previous night’s incident, and asks her to meet him at Turquoise Hotel’s cafe.

Sunny, resembling Angad, meets Mannat at the cafe, while Sahiba secretly follows them. Mannat is excited to see Sunny, who flirts with her. Sahiba, trying not to be noticed, bumps into Mannat, drops her bag, and sprays a relispray on her face before running away. Mannat and Sunny continue their conversation at the cafe.

In the bathroom, Sahiba realizes she needs to approach Sunny without revealing that she was spying on them. Mannat, unaware of Sahiba’s presence, introduces her fiance Sunny to Sahiba, who is taken aback by his striking resemblance to Angad. Sunny flirts with Sahiba, but she remains cautious. When Mannat leaves to use the washroom, Sahiba tries to gather information about Sunny from him. However, Sunny remains mysterious, leaving Sahiba curious.

In the precap, Sahiba, painting in her room, hears a mysterious man’s voice claiming to be an artist and challenging her to paint his portrait without meeting him. The voice turns out to be Garry, who asks if Sahiba is eager to meet him, leaving her fearful.