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Police bring Angad to court for a hearing. He doesn’t notice his family and asks his lawyer where he can’t see them. Megha has house-detained his family, so they will not be able to appear, according to his lawyer. Megha approaches Angad and informs him that he will not be granted bail and will be sent immediately to central jail from the court. Sahiba and Keerat arrive at Baweja’s house. Keerat inquires as to what they should do next.

Sahiba hands her a phone that Mannat had in her possession that belonged to Sunny; Keerat should call Mannat and beg her to come out; they must take her to court as proof at all costs. Brars is watching a court video. Inder informs Mannat that only Sahiba can bring Angad out of this situation. Garry watches the news with Yash and tells him how much he enjoys watching Angad humiliated.

Mannat receives a call from Sunny’s number and panics, wondering whether Angad has arrived and if their plot has been revealed. She phones Garry, but he doesn’t answer since he’s too busy watching the news. She receives a message saying that she knows how she trapped innocent Angad by pretending to be Sunny’s girlfriend, and that she should pick up the phone right now or else she will arrest her. She answers the phone to Keerat, who says she has proof against her and will use it to put her in jail. Mannat denies the charges. Keerat claims that they have tracked her down to Baweja House and that she would be arrested shortly.

Mannat becomes terrified and begs to be spared. Keerat says she will if she is paid to keep her mouth shut. Mannat inquires as to where she should go. Outside Baweja’s house, Keerat remarks. Mannat glances at her from the balcony, picks up some money, and walks up to her. Keerat tells her she needs to see her supervisor and drives her to Sahiba. Sahiba twists. Mannat is taken aback. Sahiba claims she requires the truth. Mannat claims she is not guilty. Sahiba slaps her and drags her into court.

Akaal chooses to sign the paperwork transferring Brar Jewelers’ shares to Yash. Inder advises him not to make hasty decisions. Manveer advises them to consult Angad before making any decisions because he is in charge of the firm. Jasleen claims that Angad will not be released soon and that he is causing problems for them.

They are watching the news that Brar Jewelers’ shares are plummeting and that their company may be wiped out entirely. Jasleen requests that Akaal make a choice as soon as possible. Akaal claims he previously promised Yash and that singing is a formality. He signs papers and has them delivered to Yash by a maid. Yash is overjoyed after receiving the paperwork and believes he has always wanted to take over the Brar household and business.

The court hearing has begun. According to Angad’s lawyer, his client is innocent and is being held hostage by ‘Garry Baweja. According to the opposing lawyer, Angad created Sunny Sood and is the culprit. The judge cancels Angad’s bail since neither he nor his lawyer could present any significant evidence in his favor. Sahiba enters with Mannat and claims to have evidence of who was involved in the conspiracy against Angad.

Precap: Sahiba meets Garry and tells him she wants something from him. Garry says she would definitely beg him now because he had Angad’s house, companies, and so on; what does she have? Will he listen to Sahiba now that she claims to be his mother?