Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th September 2023 Episode 258

Episode 258

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Veer tells Atharva that they need to choose jewelry designs by evening and asks him to pick some designs. Angad mentions that he would if he finds something good. Veer inquires about his preferences. Sahiba, sitting in the college cafeteria, recalls the good times she spent with Angad. Her friend asks her who will accompany her to the painting exhibition as they need to issue passes. Angad imagines Sahiba advising him to choose a simple design as simplicity never goes out of fashion. The song “Main Tere Liye Dunya Choddunga..” plays in the background. He snaps out of his imagination, remembers Sahiba’s harsh words, and asks Veer to remove simple designs from his sight, stating that simplicity is the biggest lie in this world. Sahiba also recalls their argument and believes that Angad doesn’t care about her at all. Her friend asks if she should send the passes to Brar mansion. Sahiba replies that she no longer lives at that address and requests two passes for the time being.

Rumi approaches Sahiba and asks if he can sit with her. Sahiba expresses her desire to be alone for a while. Rumi explains that he is just doing his job, as his professor instructed him to take pictures of the artists. He has finished taking pictures of other artists and needs her pictures. Sahiba agrees to send her picture to the professor and does so from her gallery. Rumi notices her password and envisions himself running his fingers through her hair. Sahiba says she needs to go, and Rumi accidentally spills coffee on her phone. Pretending to clean it, he secretly tries to unlock her phone, thinking that he may not be able to win her heart but has initiated hacking her phone. Sahiba asks for her phone back, and Rumi claims that it looks fine and asks her to unlock it to check. After confirming, she asks if he can take her picture now, and he promises to do it later. Sahiba leaves, checking her phone, while Rumi successfully mirrors her phone screen onto his own.

Seerat approaches Angad in a confident manner. Pam informs Angad that Seerat wants to try on jewelry designs and assist him. The photographer compliments Seerat’s beauty and suggests that the designs will look even more beautiful on her. Veer acknowledges that Seerat’s idea of a matching bracelet and necklace without earrings is good. Seerat expresses her desire to contribute to the family business by showcasing their jewelry designs.

Rumi continues to look at Sahiba’s phone screen and believes he is getting closer to her. A staff member informs him that his father, Yash, is calling him to the dining table. Rumi arrives at the dining table and notices his favorite dishes. Yash joins him and expresses his joy at seeing him after a long time, mentioning his admission to a London business school. Rumi calls him by name and reveals that he doesn’t want to go to London. Yash receives a message from his secretary that Rumi hasn’t responded to the business school offer, which angers him. Yash suggests that Rumi should complete his MBA and join the family business, but Rumi expresses his disinterest in business and reveals his passion for photography. He also mentions that Yash was absent when he needed him the most and emphasizes that while Yash can be his father, he can never be his “papa.”

Veer thanks Seerat for her assistance during the photoshoot. Seerat thinks that Angad is still haunted by Sahiba’s thoughts, and she needs to do something to help him move on.

In the precap, Seerat questions Angad about his feelings for Sahiba and asks if he ever thought about expressing his feelings to her. Manveer discusses the family’s mistake of forcing Angad into marriage with Sahiba and expresses hope that Angad had married Seerat, as she is the one who truly understands him.

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