Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th december 2023 Episode 348

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Keerat waits for Sahiba outside the Brar home. She spots police and wonders what they are doing here. Constables prevent her from entering. Keerat considers how she will reach Sahiba or Veer now. Yash calls Megha and tells her not to let Brars out because today is Angad’s court hearing, which has never happened at the Brar mansion. Megha is summoned by the constable. Megha runs in, seeing Sahiba moaning in pain and begging to see her husband. Veer inquires as to what happened to her. Sahiba claims she is three months pregnant and is experiencing cramps as a result of Megha’s stress. The news shocks the family, and Seerat wonders how Sahiba became pregnant. Megha demands proof. Sahiba wonders why she should. Megha claims that Sahiba did not appear pregnant while jumping in the police station.

Manveer tells her to keep her mouth shut and says she will not spare her if something happens to her grandchild. Sahiba claims to have her pregnancy report in her purse. Manveer locates the report and hands it over to Megha. Megha looks it over and says she’ll call a doctor. Family members insist on sending Sahiba to the hospital and scare her with grave consequences. Megha summons an ambulance. Manveer has stated that she will accompany her DIL. Megha inquires if she is also pregnant and informs her that Sahiba will only accompany constables. Inder requests that Manveer leave Sahiba alone. When Akaal sees Sahiba’s condition, he feels helpless. Sahiba is loaded into an ambulance and driven to a hospital by officers. Keerat is following the ambulance. Sahiba recalls signaling Inder, who notifies Manveer that Sahiba is attempting to locate and support Angad.