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Brars is still concerned about Angad. Yash pays them a visit. Jasleen said that everyone is worried about Angad and that no one slept the entire night. Yash claims to understand what they’re going through. He requests something from Japjot. According to Japjot, Akaal and Jaspal have yet to return home; it appears like someone’s evil eyes have fallen on their family. Yash claims to be in charge of everything. Akaal returns with Yash and the advocate, claiming that no one wants to help them; he met with his advisor, who advised him to sell all of the company’s shares in order to avoid more losses. According to Jaspal, Angad was initially caught up in a fraud case, and now that their confidential business documents have been released, no investor wants to acquire their shares. In this situation, Jasleen wonders who will buy their shares. Yash says he will buy their shares since he is willing to do anything for his family and asks Akaal to allow him to be their silent partner. Manveer suggests they should talk to Angad about it. Jasleen jokes that Angad is in jail. Manveer cautions her to watch what she says. Yash interrupts Jasleen and asks Akaal to think about it before informing him.

Megha insists on Angad signing the confession papers. Angad questions her about why she is so insistent on getting his signatures when he knows she is Yash’s puppet and received money from him to trap him. Megha urges him not to blame a top official. Angad wonders why she is so upset if she is innocent. Megha wonders why he doesn’t provide him more money than Yash. Angad is sitting quietly. Megha phones Yash and tells him that Angad will not sign the contracts at any cost. Yash chastises her for allowing Sahiba to see Angad and instructs her to obtain the signature in some way or else carry out their plan B. Sahiba returns home, deep in meditation, anxious about Angad, and misses Yash’s automobile. Yash, too, fails to notice her and drives away.

Yash agrees to buy the shares from Akaal. Jasleen notifies Yash by phone. He becomes cheerful. Seerat approaches Sahiba and confesses her wrongdoing. Sahiba lashes her for not telling the truth in front of Brars and proving her incorrect. Seerat claims she felt helpless when Garry threatened her. Sahiba requests that Garry be located as soon as possible. Seerat remembers seeing Dalia Lounge’s booking in Angad’s laptop and believes he is in Dalia Lounge. Sahiba informs Veer of this, and the two decide to go to Dalia Lounge. Sahiba checks Angad’s pockets, and a phone falls from one of them. Mannat told Sahiba it was Sunny Sood’s phone. She puts it in her purse and walks down the stairs with Veer.

Prabjot notices them and inquires as to their destination. Megha enters with her crew and informs Brars that she has come to house arrest. Sahiba inquires as to if she has a warrant. Megha claims that neither she nor her husband believe her and displays her warrant. She then instructs constables to begin the investigation. The doors are locked from the inside by constables. Akaal says she can’t do it since Angad has a court hearing tomorrow and she can’t stop them from getting there. Megha says they must obey court orders and sends constables to seize their cellphones. Jasleen inquires whether they are criminals. Megha said two constables will stand guard outside the door and two near the main gate to ensure they don’t leave the property. She even steals Sahiba’s phone. Sahiba inquires of Angad as to how they will go now.

Precap: Sahiba pretends to have a stomachache and begs to see Angad. Megha inquires as to what occurred to her. Sahiba claims to be three months pregnant and experiencing cramps as a result of stress.