Teri Meri Doriyaann 16th September 2023 Episode 256

Episode 256

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Sahiba tells Angad that he’s worried people and family will say bad things about her, like his wife left him for another man who’s sending her flowers. Angad asks her to stop talking. Sahiba insists on speaking and tells him to return to the one he loves. Angad walks away, and a sad song plays in the background. Rumi watches Sahiba quietly, and Angad is hurt by Sahiba’s behavior. Sahiba struggles to open her hostel room, and Angad returns to her. Sahiba asks what he wants now. Angad hands her a note and walks away. Sahiba throws the note aside and continues trying to open the door. Rumi approaches her and offers his help. Sahiba says the door won’t open and gives him an access card. He cleans the ink off the barcode and opens the door for her. Sahiba enters the room and thanks him, and Rumi picks up his note from the floor.

Meanwhile, Manveer is searching for Angad. A maid informs her that he has gone out. Seerat tells her that Angad has gone to give flowers to Manveer, which shocks Manveer. Seerat explains the situation to Manveer, who becomes upset and calls Sahiba disgusting. Sahiba wonders who came so close to her and sent the flowers if it wasn’t Angad. She recalls Angad suggesting it might be her lover who sent the flowers. Seerat describes the entire incident to Manveer and expresses concern for Angad. Manveer assumes that Sahiba must have a lover and was acting like Angad was at fault. Sahiba disconnects Seerat’s call, asking her not to call her again.

Sahiba becomes worried about Angad’s whereabouts. Manveer asks Veer to check where Angad is. Sahiba calls Veer and inquires about Angad’s whereabouts. Veer informs her that Angad hasn’t reached home yet, and they are all worried about him. Angad arrives at his office and instructs his staff to inform his family that he’s there. Manveer receives a call and informs Veer that Angad is at the office. Veer asks Sahiba if she heard it and hangs up. Manveer asks Veer whom he was talking to, and Veer lies that it was Sahiba, who is worried about Angad. Manveer expresses her frustration with Sahiba.

Keerat calls Sahiba and asks if she’s okay and had dinner. Sahiba lies, saying she had matar paneer and rumali roti. Keerat tells her to stop lying and shares how disheartened she is about Seerat’s proposal to Angad. Keerat gets angry and wants to confront Seerat. Sahiba asks her not to do anything and assures her that she’s not alone as her sister is there to support her.

Rumi writes his and Sahiba’s names on a paper and expresses his desire for them to be together.

Angad continues to work at the office until the morning and orders coffee. Pam arrives at the office and inquires about Angad’s early arrival. She shows him personalized couple gift options, but Angad angrily refuses and says he doesn’t want to discuss personal matters at the office. Manveer and Seerat enter, and Manveer asks Angad what’s wrong with him. Angad shouts that nothing is wrong with him.

In the preview, Rumi hides in Sahiba’s hostel room and cuts off the power. Sahiba wonders why there’s no power in her room and finds a letter. Seerat arrives and questions if Sahiba is hiding someone in her room and concealed him when she entered.

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