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Seerat explains to Sahiba that she’s been truthfully meeting her friend Pinky at the hotel and that Jasleen did witness her there once. Jasleen adds that she saw Seerat wearing a scarf and sunglasses, looking suspicious. Sahiba questions why Seerat lied, and Seerat admits she was afraid Jasleen wouldn’t approve of her meeting her friend from Shimlapuri, so she fabricated the story. Sahiba then asks about the lie regarding the gift and the bracelet found near Angad’s cupboard.

Seerat clarifies that she lied about the gift to avoid upsetting Jasleen. Regarding the bracelet, she insists she genuinely doesn’t know how it ended up near Angad’s cupboard and denies any involvement in stealing Angad’s secret file. Manveer warns Seerat about the consequences if she’s lying, but Seerat remains adamant. Akaal advises Seerat to admit if she made a mistake to prevent further complications.

Seerat continues to assert her innocence, claiming Sahiba is framing her without evidence. Prabjot and Jasleen recall the incidents, but Seerat maintains her stance, stating that she searched for the bracelet throughout the house.

Meanwhile, Megha struggles to obtain Angad’s signatures on confession documents. She contacts Yash, expressing her difficulty, and he urges her to get the signatures by the next morning, promising to clear her past dues and provide additional rewards.

The precap reveals Sahiba, in disguise as a tea vendor, eavesdropping on Megha’s conversation with Yash at the police station. When Megha identifies her, Sahiba flees, and Megha chases after her.