Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th September 2023 Episode 255

Episode 255

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Rumi talks to his mother and apologizes for calling her late today. He says he has fallen in love and realized she is the girl he was dreaming about, her name is Sahiba, he hasn’t met her properly yet and will introduce her to her soon. He changes his photo in Karthik’s profile and thinks he is Karthik from hereon.

Angad reaches Sahiba’s hostel and asks Sahiba’s classmates about Sahiba’s room. He shows him the direction, and seeing a flower bouquet in his hand, thinks Angad loves Sahiba so much, he will convince her and take her back home. Sahiba walks towards her room. Rumi follows her. Sahiba senses someone following her and thinks she felt the same even at the lakeside. Rumi continues to follow her and steps on a water bottle. Sahiba hears the sound and thinks her doubt was right. Rumi hides and switches off the lights.

Sahiba hurriedly searches for her room keys. Rumi walks closer to her and smells her. Sahiba senses his presence and drops her bag in fear. She turns and asks who is there, why is he following her, what he wants. Rumi hides and thinks he wants to talk to her. He silently picks up her access card, spoils it, and throws it back in front of her. Sahiba asks who is it and tries to open the door with the access card but fails. Rumi walks behind her again. Sahiba asks who is he, why doesn’t he come in front and turns. She finds Angad standing there instead and asks what is he doing here. Angad calls for help, and the watchman rushes in and switches on the lights. Sahiba asks Angad what he is doing here. Rumi thinks if he is Sahiba’s husband Angad, he got the flowers he sent for Sahiba.

Sahiba asks Angad why is he doing this. Angad asks what did he do. Sahiba says he was stalking her in the dark. Angad says he just came, it must be her lover. She is in shock and asks if he is out of his mind. Angad shows her the flower bouquet and a note and says her lover sent it for her. He says she must be going on a date wearing this sari. Sahiba says it’s part of her assignment and says he must have bought these flowers to trouble her. Angad says he can’t withstand her presence and feels disgusted. He came here to confront her that her in-laws are getting flowers from her lover in her absence. Sahiba says she doesn’t have any lover, and the one who was stalking her must have sent her these flowers. She throws the flowers and walks away. Rumi thinks Angad angered Sahiba, he will not spare him for that.

Angad walks behind Sahiba and says her stalker looks to be dangerous, so she should return to the Brar mansion. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to. Angad says she can go to at least her parent’s house, and he will drop her there. Sahiba frees her hand and says he shouldn’t dare to touch her. She is mature enough to know where she is safe and where she is not. She is a self-reliable woman who knows what she is doing. Angad says he is worried about her safety now as there is no guarantee that her stalker will not harm her. It’s better she goes to her parent’s house as she is not safe here. Sahiba asks how does he act as fearing for her, she can take care of herself, and she doesn’t trust him as he acts good but is cheap. She has more risk from him of being betrayed by him, etc. Angad says she broke his heart instead, he is here as she still is his wife, and nobody can send her flowers like this. Sahiba says he is worried about the Brar name and not her. Angad says she is thinking wrong. Sahiba says she is not a slave to obey his orders, he should return to his love instead of being here. Rumi thinks he can’t see tears in Sahiba’s eyes, and Angad has to pay for it.

In the next scene, the family gets worried about Angad. Manveer says they don’t know where Angad went, leaving his phone at home. Sahiba calls Veer and asks about Angad. Veer says they are searching for him. Rumi harms Angad.

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