Teri Meri Doriyaann 15th december 2023 Episode 345

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The Brar family is worried about recent events. Seerat blames herself for Agastya’s imprisonment as she looks at his picture on her phone. Akaal expresses concern about their family’s heir being in jail and their business facing challenges. Japjot reflects on the sudden turn of events, apologizing to Yash on behalf of Agastya and Sahiba. Yash reassures them, urging them to prioritize resolving the problems.

Jasleen brings water for Yash, acknowledging his continued support despite Angad and Sahiba’s allegations. Yash remains calm, emphasizing the need to focus on Angad at the moment. Akaal is unsure of what to do, and Yash suggests speaking to clients and convincing them that the family is not at fault. Yash promises to assist Akaal in freeing Angad from the fraud case.

Meanwhile, Inspector Megha orders Angad to be put in a lockup, preventing Sahiba from approaching him. Sahiba is determined to get Angad out and thinks of confronting Seerat for her lies. Garry and his team celebrate Angad’s arrest, but Yash is furious when he learns that Sahiba overheard their plan. Yash scolds them, instructing them to go underground and shift to Baweja mansion.

Seerat tries to reach Garry, but his number is unreachable. Yash assures the Brar family that he will handle the situation and disconnects the call. He confides in Garry about seeking revenge on the Brar family for the trauma they caused him. Garry thanks Yash for getting back in his life and expresses his determination to destroy the Brar family.

Angad requests a headache pill from Megha, who insists he signs a confession form. Sahiba confronts Seerat about meeting Garry in the Fandom hotel and demands the truth. Jasleen supports Sahiba’s claims, revealing that she saw Seerat at the hotel. Sahiba questions Seerat’s lies.

In the precap, Megha enters the Brar mansion, announcing the seizure of the property due to Angad’s fraud case. Sahiba collapses, and Gurleen reveals that she is pregnant. Inder laments the challenging times when their family heir is expected, and they are forced to leave their house.