Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th September 2023 Episode 254

Episode 254

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Seerat is cooking in the kitchen, and Manveer asks her what she’s doing. She explains that she’s preparing chole bhature for Angad because he hasn’t eaten anything all day, and he’s always been a supportive friend to her, so she wants to take care of him. Manveer comments on how much Seerat does for the family and Angad, and she offers to teach Seerat how to make Angad’s favorite dish. Manveer also criticizes Sahiba for causing trouble in Angad’s life and suggests that Sahiba should have quietly left Angad instead of creating a scene before the party. She then apologizes for speaking badly about her own sister and says that she doesn’t support wrongdoing, even if it’s her sister who’s at fault. Seerat agrees and mentions that Sahiba did something wrong to Angad, but she will help him overcome his depression and keep him away from Sahiba. Manveer hopes that Seerat can erase Sahiba’s memories from Angad’s heart.

At a college, a strange man named Rumi seeks admission in a photography course to be closer to Sahiba. The receptionist tells him that all the seats in the courses are full, but Rumi manages to check Sahiba’s profile on the computer instead. He plans to send her a special gift. Later, a student named Karthik approaches Rumi and informs him that he managed to secure the last admission in the photography course. Rumi congratulates him.

Back at home, Veer takes Angad’s signatures on a file while Angad receives a call from Keerat. Veer informs Angad about the call but mentions that Sahiba’s parents are worried and want to know what went wrong between them. Angad wonders why Sahiba didn’t explain the situation to Keerat. As they discuss, a bouquet arrives for Sahiba. Seerat assumes Sahiba is trying to cause trouble for Angad again and continues speaking negatively about her. However, Angad corrects her, saying that someone sent the bouquet to Sahiba, not the other way around.

Rumi, who is still at the college, notices Sahiba standing as a model. He learns that she stays in a hostel and wonders who received the bouquet if Sahiba is not at home. Angad decides to meet Sahiba and inquire about the sender of the bouquet. Seerat gets anxious and hopes he doesn’t meet Sahiba.

Karthik, the student who secured the last admission, is busy taking photos of paintings when Rumi approaches him and requests to switch places with him. Karthik refuses and threatens to inform the principal. In response, Rumi hits Karthik with a vase, knocking him out. He takes Karthik’s ID card and declares himself as “Mirza” to get closer to Sahiba.

After her classes, Sahiba’s classmate suggests going to a mess for a meal, but Sahiba declines, saying she’s not hungry. The classmate mentions that Angad would be captivated by Sahiba if he saw her in her red dress, but Sahiba dismisses the idea.

In the next episode, Angad confronts Sahiba about the mysterious flowers and messages. Sahiba accuses Angad of having a dirty mind despite appearing gentlemanly. Meanwhile, Rumi watches their interaction from a distance and vows to take action. Angad doesn’t return home at night, leaving the family worried.

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