Teri Meri Doriyaann 14th december 2023 Episode 344

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Inspector Megha informs Inder that they have evidence against Angad, including footage of him dressed as Sunny Sood and meeting Mannat. She mentions that Angad purchased clothes from a boutique that Sunny Sood wore to Mannat’s party and paid a restaurant bill from his card while pretending to be Sunny. The video evidence shocks everyone. Angad admits to being at the party but claims he was trying to uncover the truth and someone is framing him.

Megha dismisses Angad’s explanation and orders his arrest. Mannat defends Angad, and Sahiba requests time to prove his innocence. Megha refuses and handcuffs Angad, driving him to the police station. At the station, Megha pressures Angad to sign a confession statement, admitting to stealing diamonds and committing a multi-crore scam as Sunny Sood. Angad refuses to sign, asserting that he is being framed by Yash and Garry Baweja. The Brar family’s lawyer arrives, stating that Megha has built a strong case against Angad.

Later, Megha warns Angad not to involve his family and continues pressuring him to sign the confession. The Brar family’s lawyer informs them about the difficulty in getting Angad bail. Sahiba tries to comfort Manveer, and Inder handles her dizziness. Meanwhile, Jaspal and Pam are summoned for interrogation by Megha.

In the precap, the police arrive at the Brar mansion and announce the seizure of the property due to Angad’s fraud case. Sahiba collapses, and Gurleen reveals that she is pregnant. The family is devastated, realizing they have to leave their home amid such circumstances.